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  1. 3 minutes ago, Daish said:

    ok you wan to be immune to losing if you have better equipment that's good game play 

    maybe PvP should be removed and replaced with auto combat 


    not immune. stop exaggerating every of my post, or show where I wrote that I want to be untouchable? breeded animals should be harder to kill. end of topic

  2. 11 minutes ago, Pant said:

    I like how you are calling someone weak in the same sentence you complain about being schooled by two naked dudes who just started the game.

    If theres one thing in this game that needs to be balanced its the health attribute.. HP scales with the levels while damage does not. The higher level the playerbase gets the slower pvp will be. A level 110 with common gear and pudding can tank something like 8 headshots from a common carbine before he goes down, even against someone with 100% Headshot accuracy he have like 1 and a half minutes to find cover, hell he can just stand in the open and heal up while being shot at.

    When the time to kill approaches 2 minutes of course people will start turning to cheesy tactics, bolas and torpor weapons because its the best way to get a kill right now. If you could just snipe the rider of the tames or killing people in general with a reasonable amount of shots, this wouldn't even be an issue. So how about fixing the actual problem instead of targeting the symptoms.

    Blablabla... Is not about complaing on 2 naked skilled players but OP weapon which is freezing every tamed animal. It is not working on wild. Why? Because it is too op

  3. 22 hours ago, Daish said:

    so you want new players in the game to have zero ability to defend themselves against tames? ok you should be in charge of gameplay balance im sure the game will grow under your leadership 

    Yes, of course. If youe are weak and you dont have good tames or BPs or ships you are losing. I do not know what's strange about that? It is strange to breed animals for 2 months to lose them by two naked guys who have just started the game. if so, what is the purpose of the breeding and imprint in this game?

  4. This problem is huge. I will try to send some bugs on bug raport channel on discord because it is look like they are checking this.

    We can see how it is working looking at torpedos. They put a lot of time and work to do this. Everyone was saying that it won't work. Now they nerfed torpedos and increased their cost so that no one would craft them.

  5. It's good to know that the developers are watching closely what is happening in the game. They quickly noticed the harvest boost exploit. It can not be said that they do not know about the problem on a larger scale.

    If the developers watch the game closely, they should ask a question in which game you can have an unlimited number of grenades, place them on the bar and spam without limits? I do not remember such a game.

    If the PVP in this game has not to look like a mess, I suggest to significantly increase the weight of grenades (like oil jars) and limit the possibility of using them in one slot on the bar with a much longer time of equipping.

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  6. 19 hours ago, rickyr0llin said:

    You couldn't be more right Greg. This game's PvP is absolutely disgusting when you really analyze the PvP experience on a bigger scale. I've realized this game really is all about which mega tribe has more geeks online at lvl 100 or more with 300+ health (not counting insane armor) TANKING everything. You can only tickle them.. The name of the game now is fly around, grenade the NPC's, mortars, puckles, etc... tank many shots, and still fly/swim away very easily no problem. Tames can swim away way too easily as well. It's too much about who's liquid flame bear or horse survives and goes on to fight longer to kill more enemy tames. Think about it, two tames running around in a laggy fps dropping terd show, trying to get a skill-less flamethrower shot off on one another. Sadly that's what shapes the overall fight. Then of course you have guns that are absolutely WORTHLESS, couldn't emphasis this more. When people get to high levels, guns and melee weapons barely make a scratch! The broken af purchasable drakes and fire elementals deserve a mention as well. So you have all that garbage going on, and then the cherry on top is the MASSIVE LAG / SHIT servers and FPS drop. Especially during big raids... omg. After you've experienced all that, you're just about ready to uninstall and wish this game a happy death.

    You know what is funny part? That you can have 2 people lvl 40 and easy kill guy on 100% imprinted bear with 2,5k hp and 220% dmg only with one sword and one blackjack

  7. NERF BLACKJACKS (you can freeze every tame hitting it with scroll down attack and kill it; breeding has no sense now) and LIQUID FLAME (it is making to much damage. you need only horse with flame-swivel) also you should do sth with large cannons range on land because now they have bigger range then mortarts (you can deal damage out of render distance).

    Why enemy company can set cannons on my land without war?

  8. Blackjacks should be nerfed against tames. Why? Because now 2 naked guys can kill 100% imprinted bear with 2,5k hp and 250% damage with rider on it. How? You are hitting rider and he is unmounted from bear. Next step is to hit bear time after time because he can not do anything when someone hits him. When bear is bugged you can kill it even with pickaxes. You can do the same even with crab! Nice balance devs.
    At this moment there is no sense to breed or tame any animal because they are useless in pvp.
    Another problem is liquid flame. It should work only on ships. All land fights with animals are based on liquid flame. IT IS PATHETIC OP.  Percentage damage is huge (around 33% per short hit). The range is huge. In addition, you can deal damage even in time of peace because the burning land also causes damage. You can kill everything only with swivel-horse with liquid flame.  Balance means the possibility of using each weapon and the effect depends mainly on the skill.
    Currently, on land you need only blackjack if you are on foot or horse with swivel with liquid flame if you are using tames. Bears, crabs and everything else is without sense.

  9. Price for upkeeping island will depend on the amount of companies wich are on your island and amout of buildings wich they have.

    My guy from the company has 5 accounts with atlas. He will set 10 buildings from 4 companies and he will pay less for the island. Devs, really? Yo are making other ways to cheats and exploits. How many wipes do you need to make this game stable? It looks you have no idea how to make this.

    - 25% buff to explosives against stone structures

    I remember patch 15.61:
    - Increasing explosive damage to stone structures by 2.5x.
    - Increasing seige structure damage to stone structures by 60%
    - Stone Structures crafting costs have been increased by adding metal cost and changing fiber requirement to organic paste, which requires both fiber and sap to craft

    This patch stared first wipe in the history of this game.

    When people said enough devs started unnerfing game:

    - Stone Structures crafting costs have decreased by reducing the metal cost by 55% and reducing the organic paste requirement by 25%


    - Alpha Creature damage has been reduced by 50%
    - Alpha Creature resistance has been reduced by 50%
    - Alpha Creatures are now 25% less common

    They even add SAP on Thundra! They said that everywhere excluding freeports but of course on freeports sap was also available.

    When it became that players amount is very low, devs began to pretend that they are listening to players:


    - Stone Structures resistance to explosive and siege damage types increased by 45%
    - Stone Structure SAP crafting requirements changed to fiber.
    - The weight of all items have been reduced by 30% globally

    After this increasing and decreasing I can't believe that they are able to balance this game. The only thing we can be shure are next wipes.

    They are talking about this underwater world since 2 months. Now i will need to collect all powerstones and kill kraken to be able to drive submarine.
    They are adding 5 skins, 1 submarine and 1 animal instead of focusing on the basic aspects of the game that are unbalanced or at least add a few animals to land, not one for those who defeated the kraken.

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