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  1. not immune. stop exaggerating every of my post, or show where I wrote that I want to be untouchable? breeded animals should be harder to kill. end of topic
  2. Blablabla... Is not about complaing on 2 naked skilled players but OP weapon which is freezing every tamed animal. It is not working on wild. Why? Because it is too op
  3. Yes, of course. If youe are weak and you dont have good tames or BPs or ships you are losing. I do not know what's strange about that? It is strange to breed animals for 2 months to lose them by two naked guys who have just started the game. if so, what is the purpose of the breeding and imprint in this game?
  4. why carry armor, gun and ammo? "why do this? your just supplying the enemy when you die..."
  5. This problem is huge. I will try to send some bugs on bug raport channel on discord because it is look like they are checking this. We can see how it is working looking at torpedos. They put a lot of time and work to do this. Everyone was saying that it won't work. Now they nerfed torpedos and increased their cost so that no one would craft them.
  6. It's good to know that the developers are watching closely what is happening in the game. They quickly noticed the harvest boost exploit. It can not be said that they do not know about the problem on a larger scale. If the developers watch the game closely, they should ask a question in which game you can have an unlimited number of grenades, place them on the bar and spam without limits? I do not remember such a game. If the PVP in this game has not to look like a mess, I suggest to significantly increase the weight of grenades (like oil jars) and limit the possibility of using them in one slot on the bar with a much longer time of equipping.
  7. You know what is funny part? That you can have 2 people lvl 40 and easy kill guy on 100% imprinted bear with 2,5k hp and 220% dmg only with one sword and one blackjack
  8. NERF BLACKJACKS (you can freeze every tame hitting it with scroll down attack and kill it; breeding has no sense now) and LIQUID FLAME (it is making to much damage. you need only horse with flame-swivel) also you should do sth with large cannons range on land because now they have bigger range then mortarts (you can deal damage out of render distance). PS Why enemy company can set cannons on my land without war?
  9. Large cannons on tower on right have range to destroy base on left but mortars which are on base on left have no range because they can't make damage out of render distance. Large cannons - can, mortars - can't. So it became that large cannons have bigger range than mortars.
  10. No, it is enemy. Far away you can see large cannons on tower
  11. Large cannons mounted on huge tower wich are making damage out of render distance. No sense to buy war toke because you can destroy everything anyway
  12. It is true. We were able to fight even against liquid flame but not against blackjacks.
  13. Without water you are dead on every tame so in effect everyone are using liquid flame
  14. I cant because after first hit im unmounted and my tame is frozen. Even when i able to hit them first they still are not for one bite. Ppl has hp like 250+
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