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  1. why dont people build on claimed ilands sure there are asshole claimholders that steal sometimes instead of waiting for people to build up and give them a regular income of taxes that the settlers dont even have to pay from theyr gathered recources. Or unclaimed islands that cost a lot of points and wont be claimed anyway, and if they get claimed after 24 hours they cant delete structures anyway the people will be happe to have settlers exept they are stupid and want to pay tons of gold for a empty island it is good to have settlers my company was only able to claim a little iland and we would love to share the space. instead most people rather like to foundation spam the lawless to give people eyecancer if they have to go on lawless for discoverys or trasuremaps wich are most likely build in by foundationspammers
  2. postal1988

    Choice of Gates, Please...!

    the elephant can easyli fit true 3x3 walls but wont go in a door 2.5x4 that is realy stupid just make it go thru and we are not forced to build ridiculous large bases to fit our farming animals in and just have small rooms for storage in it.
  3. postal1988

    companies Allow for a Tax on Company members

    y that would take the companies who actually just work together to a new level you get like 30% of recurces you dont have to carry around i dont think its a good idea. but the boats you should just be able to make it owned by a sigle person or company option
  4. postal1988

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

    and even the shooner got away in the end xD Nice run guys
  5. postal1988

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

    yes we got it a few times
  6. postal1988

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

    new discord link https://discord.gg/6gR8TY
  7. postal1988

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

  8. postal1988

    How to farm mythos

    we put a crew mate into the water the cyclopses swim near it but dont hit it just staying in one position easy to oneshot with balista
  9. postal1988

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

  10. postal1988

    Seaguls sink ships

    Our Galleon was sunk last night the only explanation for that is that there were to many wild seaguls stuck on the ship they add to crew and can sink a ship plz fix that. It was fully repaird and had over 2k gold and repair materials on it was @ Half weight and 60 of 64 crew the Company log shows no sotd kill Just a ships -66093790 was removed from the Company. I saw seaguls overcrewing my brigantine a few days ago no problem when you are online but in this case evryone was offline. It wasnt scraped so i dont think another player was involved.
  11. postal1988

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

  12. postal1988

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

  13. postal1988

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

    as much ammo as you can pack up maby get some balistas on it for your mates to fire if you use the npcs for your canons the fight will take up to 1 hour so you should pack enought repair materials maby dont take that much large canonballs I8 some of our allys has a spot there just be in range of h8 around around 19:30 CET+1
  14. postal1988

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

    they were not damagable until yesterdays patch
  15. postal1988

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

    Gimpbrush sure evryone is invited but please put it in the Krakenfleet sektion on https://discord.gg/cZaux4