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  1. Yeah they used Mega in Ark. I've implemented it on my server an hour ago but I am not able to login and test.
  2. Saltiest_of_Dogs

    ATLAS Server Manager - Get Ready!

    Registered and claimed!
  3. I can't get this to work at all. I'm assuming because it's missing the correct script header.
  4. Yeah same with mine. Can't get the latest update either.
  5. Saltiest_of_Dogs

    Optimised Harvest?

    https://github.com/Karageek/AtlasHarvestResourceList According to the ReadMe:
  6. Saltiest_of_Dogs

    Overriding Resource Spawns.

    I haven't'; but I also didn't do much Ark server admin. Also, I just realised who i am talking to. I was on your server for a while before I fired up my own haha! You definitely inspired me.
  7. Saltiest_of_Dogs

    Disable equip delay

    Not sure but I'd love to find a way to change this as well. Waiting 15 seconds to use a Gun is a massive pain and makes little sense.
  8. Which header do these changes go under?
  9. Saltiest_of_Dogs

    Overriding Resource Spawns.

    Ok so I found Wheat and Maize (wild) on a couple of the Islands and some Chamomile. This fortunately means I don't need to override any spawns - but I'm definitely still keen to find out how this is achieved!
  10. Saltiest_of_Dogs

    Overriding Resource Spawns.

    Yeah I did see that; but the problem is I can't actually see which of those Islands spawns Wheat. The Server Grid Editor shows me the naming convention; but no information about the resources themselves. You _can_ see the resources per biome in the AtlasCoreBP directory though. So for example, if I look in "...Content\Atlas\AtlasCoreBP\HarvestComponents", I can see all the types of Resources that spawn per Biome / Island type. The problem is, Wheat is listed in "Content\Atlas\AtlasCoreBP\temp" only; which doesn't tell me much. I also can't see a method for adding ExtraSublevels - unless that is a free-text field. In which case, I still need to know what the correct value is, presuming this is where i can override the resource spawn table.
  11. Does anyone know a method for making a specific resource spawn on an Island? I have our Islands the way I want; but unfortunately none of them appear to be spawning Chamomile or Wheat. I am actually not entirely certain which Islands _should_ spawn those resources, as there doesn't seem to be a concrete way of telling which Islands they're designed to appear on. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.