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  1. The locations for all servers should currently be G3 and F8. Use this site https://atlasgame.info/ It goes in sets of two, and is currently on #3 and #4.
  2. Yeah ikr... I died to a fukin god damn Cyclops in the water... and when it attacked me it AOD my bed so now i have to restart the whole god damn ordeal all over again. So fk that, i'm just going to make a midget this time, then when i'm 90 again hopefully they've reworked this Bullcrap. Word of warning, if you are going to do the FoY - Anchor your boat as far away from cyclopes as you can....
  3. Awesome, thanks @Tylaris for that clarification. Maybe OP can copy n paste that in the main post. Off to FoY I go.
  4. Yeah, does anyone know the current location for EU PvP? Many thanks. 99*... and counting
  5. Yup, you pretty much summed it up. Not more to say really. Nice job on the Topic. Lets pray Jat or Dollie actually bother to read this and do something about it.
  6. I didn't have any Climbing picks on me, the grapple wont 'spin' if you are 'falling'. And i wasn't able to 'mine' the rock because it was the mountain type rock, not resource.
  7. I'm pretty certain this is because you are not near it's 'mouth'. You can't sit up a Bola'd bull's ass and feed it now, can you.
  8. Hi, So while out on my search for honey, I came to be stuck in between 3 large rocks (Mountain type so wasn't able to pick them) and I only had a grapple with me, so I wasn't able to even get free cheat TP B6 30281 305214 5608 Please fix this mapping error.. it's very frustrating to lose all your gear to it https://gyazo.com/bf233f45a79aa9431dd67a0617f0cbcc https://gyazo.com/60119463f3af0c333c0bbcf841782ced
  9. I too would like to know this, As I'd like to remake my company.
  10. Yeah this needs to be fixed ASAP. I understand it's early access and exploits like this will be found and used... but working so hard, to make a base and ship.. for it only to be destroyed by this tactic is not fun at all... Please fix devs!!!
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