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  1. nice, had the same here, he just appeared out of nowhere, but on sunday he stucked again and now he is stucked there for like 24 hours and cant do anything. We need a "unstuck" comand I realy wanna have him back, he is now lvl 63 and love him so much
  2. Hey, there is a ground glitch on "The SirenĀ“s Call" L4. Was walking around and my level 59 Bear glitched inside the ground and is lost for ever......
  3. I hope they wil BAN these stupid players
  4. Yesterday was the first day a lot of friends took a break playing because they was bored hope you give us the fun & crafting / building back. If not there is no reason to play the game. ... and I was server admin at ARK so I know there is a simple server setting for that. "StructurePreventResourceRadiusMultiplier = 0.15" worked fine for our privat server.
  5. same here, no more trees on our island, please fix
  6. same here, there is not one tree now on our iland everything is clear... sucks hard
  7. I agree with the most of your points, but dont forget it is a Survival MMO so the wildlife is dangerous, but yes they shoult not attack your boats etc. or alpha snake eating my NPC crew while i am offline sucks hard
  8. Same here, EU PvE, Lawless region. Nothing is respawning, our iland is naked now
  9. I was lvl 53 / 53 (max) and today I am 52 / 55 (max) XP rebalanced or what happend !?
  10. Hey guys, want to ask is there a Leaderboard for Highest Level Characters? Just reched 53 today and want to know if there are many ppl on that same Level ^^
  11. yeha I realy like the Idea! (and i like traveling, have 98 Discovery Points)
  12. ohhhhhhh ok I did not know that, thanks for the advice. I will try that later. Realy interessting system, like it.
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