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  1. I was thinking that for the ship icon in the top right, it would streamline much of the hassle of repairing if the hull was show as 2 dotted outlines for upper and lower planks, where each line segment represented one of the planks.They could be white or green when greater than 80% hp, orange between 30-80% hp, and red below 30%. something like this would be awesome for pve. Also, the short arrow wind speed mechanic is such a lame way to create fake content. fix that. Making something take more time than necessary isnt content, its a sham
  2. I wonder if anyone can explain a bit more details about the 4 gig patches that contain server config tweaks, minor UI changes, spawn rate adjustments, and balances to certain items. 4 gig is usually the size u get for new animals, new land masses, new ship models maybe. Ragnarok map on ark was massive and was about 3 gig, and since atlas is like 80% open water there can't be that much content pushed that isn't talked about in the patch notes. Even if it is just more detailed patch notes I would appreciate it! I would very much like to know what is being pushed to my computer, thanks!
  3. such massive patches and you read patch notes and the content pushed in them is like server config changes and spawn rate adjustments... what nonsense are they installing on our computers under the guise of "game files"?
  4. I myself have come up with a couple ideas: 1. Ship oar benches to replace planks similar to gun ports on a ship. You could assign crew members to row the boat to maintain a decent speed factor when there is poor wind conditions. Maybe make it consume the crew stamina/ ship stamina as if you were sprinting. 2. Same idea about the cargo saddles reducing weight. Realistically a horse could pull a considerable more weight on a wagon that has wheels than it could on its back, so making the cargo saddle or a chest on the cart add 50%/25% weight to the animal wouldn't be too far-fetched of an idea. 3. Allow some minor terrain clipping for foundations and fence foundations. Making a wall in this game either costs an insane amount using foundations, looks moronic with gate spamming, or looks like a jagged piece of garbage from fence foundations leaving insane gaps along the ground anytime the terrain changes height at all. Some of us want to build nice looking bases, after all. 4. The player shops should be bank-like structures you place at your base. Having these shops at a freeport will clutter every freeport server with offshore galleons and brigs, and also remove the immersion factor of sailing region to region establishing trade relations with other players and exploring. Right now if you want to be a successful trading company it takes alot of effort and initiative and allowing any random player to just dump resources into an auto shop will remove this facet from the game and also destroy any kind of trade economy the players create for themselves. Also consider the amount of player to player interaction this will remove.
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