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  1. Uh.. even if it's been working fine with no changes anywhere and just starts this crap? If it worked before, the port setting/forwarding is probably all a-ok... -flak
  2. Yep... last thing is "Install Atlas Server"... and running 'atlasmanager install' just displays: [ WARN ] Your ATLAS server exec could not be found. Running command 'install' for instance 'main' Installing ATLAS server ... Then drops back to the command line. Guess it's off to google for another method of getting this thing installed... -flak
  3. So they finally fixed dunking offline players in the drink when crossing into freeport grids... but they're bringing back visible sleeping player bodies on ships on PVE... Did they ever finally fix the sleeping player falling off ships when crossing any other grid borders? (I'm hoping so..) But the removal of the crap BPs in loots is a good thing though. Stock BPs should really be removed throughout the game. I mean, if you have the skill to make scissors, getting the BP does nothing for you... but if you don't have the skill, the BP is still useless to you 'coz ya ain't got the skill
  4. How do you figure we didn't keep ourselves informed, exactly? We kept ourselves informed... it's not our fault the devs informed us with bogus information. They said it was coming on the 8th. Then the 11th. Then nuked the PVE server with no warning on the 5th. I guess what you really meant to say is that it's not the devs' fault that we can't see into the future.
  5. Yeah. I was looking forward to making a video of our end-of-the-world party which was scheduled for the 7th. I spent the last two weeks' worth of play time making resource runs to craft explosive barrels and mortar rounds. Had maybe 400 mortar shots stockpiled. Had two storage things with every slot (minus two slots in the 2nd storage unit) filled with 10 barrels each. Can't for the life of me remember how many slots each had, but it added up to a shitton and a half I'm sure. We planned to pack each ship in our big fleet with the barrels and start the party with a lot of kablooies. Then we'd let our dozens of tames loose (set to aggressive + wander), sit back, and watch the fun. When we tired of that, the remaining barrels would go to our base buildings. They don't do much damage at all to stone, but we'd finish the place off with a battery of mortars set up just past the edge of their minimum firing range. Should have planned to do it earlier. Would have been epic. Ah well.
  6. So people were told they could keeping playing with something until the 11th of the month, only to have that something taken away on the 5th with no warning... and if those people complain about it, they are somehow undependable? Sounds legit.
  7. Yep.. they killed NA PVE a few hours ago, and plan to use it for a PVE test server supposedly on Monday. We shall see.
  8. Unless she really did play Atlas 24 hours straight....for 53 days.
  9. Even a 24 hour warning would have been appreciated. Instead we've been getting frequent notices that they were postponing the wipes, the last one saying "We're now looking at the 11th for the wipe.".... then a few hours ago, they announce that the NA PVE server is being shut down, then pull the plug a very short time later.
  10. We experimented with installing a swivel gun manned by an NPC to blast the daily alpha wolves and lions that would come by our base and never leave because they wanted to get at the dozens of our tames inside a giant multi-level pen/barn/storage/zoo/whatever building... We had it too low because the NPC would get one shot off, and the attacking animal would leap and knock the NPC off the gun, forcing it to fight with it's bare hands. We ended up not building a watchtower or two, because we noticed another problem. The NPCs, no matter what we set their behavior to, would shoot at anything/everything that came in range.... used up a ton of ammo, and all the dead birds, rabbits, and pissed off giraffes were really an eyesore.
  11. They gave us (the NA PVE server) zero warning a few hours ago and turned it off.
  12. I just found out on the discord server.. We'd planned a huge end of the world party on the 7th (tomorrow)... gonna set 40-50 tames free, set on aggressive, use a little over 300 explosive barrels to send our armada of ships off to valhalla in royal style... Now, well... shit. Did I miss some forum or discord or server or twitter announcement that warned us of this beforehand? The earliest warnings I've seen are the notice from a few hours ago on the website, and Dolly updating discord a whopping 5 hours ago. So much for keeping us all in the loop.
  13. What are some of those other games you spoke of building legacies in/on?
  14. Hell, I can't get them to display any text at all. I craft the note, write something on it... I stick it in a storage container, and... nothing. The container looks the same as it always does with the usual hover text information... What am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance! --Flak
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