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  1. As of 10:15 Eastern time on 1/25, the fountain is still at G3, and is one of the easiest runs I've done out of 4 or 5 different islands. Had more than a few people get it first run with someone pulling aggro. Only real mobs are 4 fire elementals.
  2. yes, as this is the PVP-NA thread
  3. Fountain is at G3... Easiest run I've had but the lag in the cave is impossible.
  4. "Oops, didn't get to 200, guess it's not that bad" - the devs, probably.
  5. I've been trying to get the FoY since it was a patch, as has one of my company mates. I have work and real life responsibilities to deal with, I can only play for 3 hours a night at the very most (aside from weekends). Not only is it stupidly hard to find out what tile the FoY is in, it takes forever to get there unless it's one of the few locations where it's right next to a freeport. And then, you just keep rushing and hope to get lucky and not get blocked by a random giant monster, or have them spawn up under you, or whatever. It's pissing me right off. It's almost impossible to get now that the initial wave of players has been reset. Not to mention, I'm on NA PVP, and if you look at the thread where players have been getting their accounts deleted accidentally, it's most often on NA PVP, in a golden age zone, going for the FoY. So every time I don't spawn in right I get to wait and see if I still have a char at all. It's such a terrible mechanic. At least until the family system is in, it should not be THIS hard to reset your character's age.
  6. Zamboughnuts

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Any idea where it is on the NA PVP server?
  7. HAHAHAHA we all know the answer to that. Devs are probably working on a way to implement a MTX system into the game where NPCs can "mail" your resources back from freeports for some ATLASBUX. (Well, at least one of my ideas they might listen to... Anyway.) First of all, I do want to say that I'm going to give the devs a ton of credit for how much the game has improved since launch. The stability of the game is much better than it was, and there have been some pretty decent balance-focused changes, like harvest rate and ship resource cost. I also recognize what they're trying to do, and how ambitious it is. Yes, there's only 4 servers... Or more specifically, 4 server clusters with 255 servers each in them. It's a massive undertaking, and is something that I've only seen one other game attempt, and fail pretty hard at. But with that being said, I'm going to offer my two cents which nobody asked for about changes that I think are important. 1) The golden age ruin islands. I get that it's supposed to be hard to get powerstones, and the fountain of youth. But for the love of god, cut the spawn rate of monsters that can one-tap players in... I don't know, half? Especially if you're going to force players to do the fountain of youth or face rather annoying, and in some cases fairly significant, debuffs. I've spent 6 hours over the last two days trying to get to a fountain with dozens of other people. I have had no luck, *especially* on D12. You just get killed So. Many. Damn. Times. I'm on the PVP server. I wouldn't be going to these ruins for powerstones unless I got bored with the game. If you're forcing us to go there or get crippling debuffs, at least make it so we don't have to spend hours trying. Or even put in a little notification about whether the fountain is currently at that island so I don't waste hours trying to get to something that isn't even there. 2) Stone wall resource "rebalance". It's stupid. Sap is already hard to get. Metal, less so. And buffing cannons at the same time? This really sucks for smaller companies like mine (about 10 active players). We're fortunate that we had a decent stone base built up before the change, but raids are going to SUCK. Sap is hard to find on a lot of tiles, not just tundra/polar ones. There's other ways to increase the resource cost without making it nigh impossible. 3) Cheaters. Right now, one of the most common cheats I've seen myself, and seen complained about here, involve rapid fire cannons/swivel guns. It cannot possibly be that hard to find out how the companies who have dozens of people using those bugs are doing it. And it's ridiculous. The glitches with explosive barrels are pretty bad too. Also, mounts are ridiculously OP at the moment, but that's another topic. 4) Land claims part 1. It's tough to find claimable land anywhere. I know that one of the recent patches made it so that the more claims a company had, the faster their claims could get lost. This is good, but it's not enough. I suggest adding in two hard limits: A hard limit on number of claims (say, 600, which would allow 2 claims per person in a max size company), and maybe 100 for a single company in a single tile. This would have a couple of effects. First, all companies could only place 600 claims globally. Obviously a 10-person company still has to defend that many and it would be much harder for them to do so, especially with the faster declaim rates. Second, the 100 per tile would allow more claims by different companies on the same island or tile, which might allow for a company to set up a raid base without immediately notifying the company they plan on raiding. 5) Land claims part 2. Maybe it would be easier to implement a system where the claim rate is tied to the difference in number of land claims between the two companies. For instance, if a company has 5 claims and places a claim against a company with 100, they claim much faster than if the company with 100 places against one of their 5. This would help smaller companies get established on non-lawless zones. Now, most of these obviously benefit smaller companies like mine more. And that's partly because I'm biased, but partly because no changes are going to affect the huge companies significantly. If anything, it will create more action between the big companies. It's far too easy to turtle. So, to erase any accusations of bias on my part, I offer the final thing I'd like to see, even though it could absolutely screw my company over.... SOFT WIPE THE WHOLE DAMN THING. Especially if the plan is to not reduce the resource costs for stone structures. Delete all structures. Untame all mounts. Despawn all stored resources. Unclaim all land. Allow ships to stay. Give everyone a free re-spec, and allow them to spawn where they last logged out. Companies that have tons of land, all gated off, with huge stone structures, all from a time when those structures were cheaper, are at a ridiculous advantage right now. I don't know what the goal of the balance changes are, but there's no way to know how they affect the game balance without a soft wipe.
  8. Zamboughnuts

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    So, why do the Devs have to use steam accounts for admin stuff? This is the second time in two days, and it's a really bad look for the devs. I'm pissed because as near as I can tell, my account got nuked because of this rollback. 140+ hours and at the moment I can't connect in.
  9. Zamboughnuts

    Dev Kit

    I'm not sure if there's been an announcement yet, and if there has, I apologize, but I had some questions about the dev kit, and primarily, what the use would be. I am assuming that you won't be able to use mods on the official PvP servers, yes? If you could actually mod in tanks and planes that seems absurdly OP. If there are plans to allow mods on the official servers, what sort of mods would be allowed?