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  1. Are you hosting the server yourself or through a provider? It sounds like an issue with the version of the game itself as opposed to your setup, especially since it was working before a recent update. There was a chance that perhaps some of the files were corrupted during the update but as you have reinstalled and tried a fresh server that kind of rules that out.
  2. Have you tried backing up your current server information and making a 1x1 test server and see if the map works on that? If it does then we know it's a problem with your current server. If it doesn't then it could be a problem with the current version of the game that is affecting only some servers.
  3. Okay, I know you said you removed the URL from the editor but try checking the ServerGrid.json file and have a look to see if they have still ended up there. It will be in the top 'chunk' of information. MetaWorldURL and MapImageURL.
  4. The fact it was working fine before the update is quite strange. Have you tried deleting the MapImagesCache folder (found on the client side not server side). This forces the client to redownload the map files when they next join the server.
  5. From what I have been able to work out it's one of three issues. 1) The map has not been set up properly, this is easily checked by looking at the whole atlas map and making sure it represents what you are expecting it to. 2) The node the map wants to generate is offline. For small servers this means that the chances of still being able to pick up a successful bottle will be relatively okay, but on a larger map such as the 15x15 you have a very small chance. 3) The nodes can't communicate with one another. This means that you can have all the nodes online and still be unable to get anything from the bottles as the node the map wants to generate for can't be reached, this is a similar issue to number 2. Bad news is if everything is set up properly then I can't really see a easy fix, it seems as if the way the game generates maps would need to be changed. Perhaps if there was a way to contact the developers we could try and have it changed, or when the mod tools are released it might allow us to change the generation procedure ourselves. I'm still doing some poking around but I really think I've hit a dead end for now.
  6. its either cheat givetreasuremap 2.5 or cheat givetreasuremaps 2.5 I can't remember if there's an s in there or not obviously you just replace the 2.5 with whatever you want. If you are having trouble with the bottles then chances are you will have to enter the codes multiple times (more times depending on how many nodes you have in total on your server).
  7. In the servers section of the ServerGrid.json file, there is a value for ip, port, gameport and seamless data port. Do these four values match with what you are using?
  8. A few things I can think of that might be causing a problem. Make sure that the ports you are using (query, game and seamless) have been forwarded on your router. Sometimes if the island hasn't been set to a home server, it won't show on the in game server list (although you should still be able to connect to it)
  9. Okay so I have found a possible fix that has worked in my case. You need to have all the nodes in your Atlas up at once, as bottles of a certain quality can generate maps for different nodes to where they are found. So if I hosted one node in a 2x2 server it would only let me keep the maps every once in a while but once I had all four nodes up at once, I was able to get a map every single time. It means my 15x15 wont get working bottles for the moment though
  10. Okay I found something weird. So if I spawn in a map with the commands I can go up to maybe 2.5 and get it reliably, above that I might have to type the command over 50 times and for some values it just never seems to work, but if I then spawn in a map with quality over 100 it works again normally. Are you hosting the server through a platform like nitrado, or are you hosting it yourself?
  11. Out of curiosity how big is the map on your server, I've noticed if I host a 2x2 I can get high quality maps easily, but if I'm hosting the 15x15 official map then I start to struggle. I'm thinking it might have something to do with map size although that's just a guess.
  12. But have you been able to pick up high quality bottles? The high level maps can give you thousands of gold per chest. My servergrid images are all jpg's but I'm still unable to get maps from high level bottles. Interestingly there's an admin command that gives you treasure maps, if I want a map above quality 2.5 say 10 I have to enter the command maybe 50 times before it will give me one quality 10 map.
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