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  1. Developers give us pls a feedback.....
  2. NickFick

    game keeps crahsing

    and after the new patch the problem is bigger,,, now its not just crash if i press M for open the map. now its crash if i will join the server. right now is impossibel to play
  3. NickFick

    game keeps crahsing

    after the patch today i have still same problem.... if i try to open with M the map my game crash... look screen over me
  4. NickFick

    game keeps crahsing

    try to check out for the game just crash if you open the map "M" please becasue thast when my game crash
  5. NickFick

    Open Map = Game Crash

    My game crashe after the last patch evry time if i try to open my Map (M)