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  1. So is K11 now high desert? As far as I can tell it's supposed to be Temperate but the new island in it, Trecarres Refuge is regularly hitting 141 degrees F. *whew*
  2. This is the new island in the NE part of K11 on EU PvE. It's clearly in a Temperate biome, but the temps have regularly hit 141 degrees F during the day here. We specifically went after a TEMPERATE island for bear breeding. Please fix Trecarres Refuge so it matches the Biome that it's in. Thanks.
  3. The PvE server has all of the workstation locks just like it previously had. Chests too. When you own a PvE island, non Company people cannot build within about 18-20 tiles of anything you have down. So foundation spam if you want, to allocate future space. Island Gold upkeep costs are taken out ever twelve (12) hours, not every 24. The amount is the same as the initial claim amount. The Tax Bank acts as a secondary access to the Claim Flag's bank. Don't know if you can deposit gold there or not, didn't try that on the Tax Bank, but you can certainly use it to pull from the island's inventory,
  4. Khaler

    PTR on the 27th of March

  5. Khaler

    Treasure Maps

    Maps have a decay timer that the bottles do not. If you pickup a bottle and get nothing, the map had already expired.
  6. Khaler

    Water depths for anchoring.

    I don't agree with the "larger the ship, the deeper the anchor" info mentioned previously. I have every ship. It's been my experience that the ship that can anchor in the deepest water is the Schooner. The Brig and Galleon most definitely need shallower water to get a hook. ;(
  7. Khaler


    We go whaling on a regular basis. One issue I've noticed is that you cannot trust the "width" of the whale health bar to judge the distance it is from you. The reason is that when they're submerged, the healthbar is much smaller than when they're on the surface. They can sneak up on you this way and breach right on top of your boat when you thought they were quite a ways off yet.
  8. Khaler

    Driven my Brig forwards into a shipyard

    Brigs have a habit of getting beached when you think you have plenty of clearance. Maybe the hitbox on the keel is larger than what you can see? Anyway, many frustrating minutes wiggling the boat side to side and keeping the S key mashed down usually gets them free. It just takes a while. Something else you can try is to put an AI on the wheel, face the stern and tell them to go where you're facing. They tend to want to rotate the boat 180 degrees so make sure that won't smack into some shallows or structures and cause more damage first. The AI have been able to turn/move boats that I couldn't manually.
  9. Khaler

    SOTD loot is a joke?

    SOTD loot is the *only* place to get ship component blueprints. Tougher planks, faster sails, etc. That's the point of hunting them.
  10. Khaler

    Let's not be creative with ships!!

    It's not "creative", it's damn ugly and waaaaay overpowered. Limit ships to cannon in gunports only. Don't allow structure outside the frame of the hull, don't allow extra decks above the current amount. Those "armor" designs are the most hideous things in the world.
  11. The DECAY RATE around the FOY islands needs to be at the level of Freeports or faster. That mass of boats just makes everything harder when dealing with all these mobs. You don't get squat from Elementals. We weren't stopping to check their loot but I'd guess a hundred Mythos or so.
  12. Khaler

    Are you 100 years old?

    All of you naysayers better get used to it. Getting the 8 power stones requires EXACTLY the same run though the same defenses. Only this time you have to keep a key in your inventory from killing the Hyrda first. Get clear to the altar with that key and you get your stone. It makes the FOY look easy.
  13. Again with the "I looked EVERYWHERE and there's no land". Nope, sorry. NOT TRUE. NA PvE, our company just claimed a large chunk of another island last week as the claims expired there. I planted a couple flags myself in a Tundra region 3 days ago. There *IS* land, you just have to look long and hard for it. It's not going to be handed to you as you exit your first Freeport.
  14. Khaler

    Hunting whales

    Our company is also looking for the third type. We're running into TONS of the agressive sperm whales in the Polar (1 row and 15 row). Plenty of sperm whales in the Tundra (2 row and 14 row) but haven't yet seen the mythical 3rd type. We use spyglasses and look for the discovery "power shield" over the creatures. Do they have that? Like islands do?
  15. Those boats are all anchored. Our guys stuck with it last night after I logged. TWO HOURS later, with only a few minutes left on the key expiration, two diehards in our company managed to get through with their keys and get the stones. Two hours of dying constantly until they managed to drag the fire elementals off just right, get the lions burnt by them just right, etc. Wow, what a fun quest. NOT!