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    i like the new changes to say the least, i think its great.
  2. Ember

    Unable to Gather Fiber?

    That's not a mistake, keep picking. It happens if there's a lot of berry bushes around. I could pick all day and only get berries until they are gone THEN get fiber.
  3. Ember

    Where’s the PTR?

    ha! I brought cookies for the Dark Side.
  4. Ember

    Unable to query server info for invite

    Any fix for this anywhere?
  5. Ember

    Unable to query server info for invite

    I've been having the same issue since an update, I can run an ark server with 22 mods without any problems and any other game. But keep getting unable to query server info invite, and if I KEEP trying, no matter what atlas server I go onto it gives me the same issue. I've verified files, reinstalled, restarted, reset ip , refreshed and flushed dns etc etc. I see Atlas did another little update yesterday/early morning, but still can't get in.
  6. Ember

    Unable to query server info for invite

    also having this issue all of a sudden, was fine Saturday. What the heck happened over night?
  7. Seeing some great stuff, I'm wondering also if you'll eventually get a pull all feature. It would save a million trips back and forth. I'd like to just pull all the wood from an elephant into a box -_-
  8. The update was supposed to happen on Monday, so if it is happening today in the afternoon; wonderful! Looking forwards to a lot of these changes. Love the game quite a bit.
  9. Ember

    Ship in a bottle

    I love this idea, would defo clear up lag on the Islands as well when you dock at a new place.