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  1. Just a couple of suggestions on how this issue could be fixed if you can code them in. First would be that weight and crew limits do not get affected by non allies or companies on pve. Yes it may mean you could take 20 odd people on a raft but if its pve then it wont really affect to much of other peoples games on those servers. Second to address the issue for pvp, same as above but only when anchored within your own/allies claimed area. This can be removed however via claiming a ship after all on the pvp server it would be more likely better to capture ships than destroy them. A few additions to this would be to increase the time overweighting the ship takes to actually sink it if being claimed at anchor, dead body weight does not get counted to give defenders a chance to kill those trying to claim while overweight to sink it. Overweighting a ship due to boarding at sea aka overcrewing on pvp acts as it does currently. Apologizes for any typo's or grammar currently posting from my phone as i'm on a work break at present.
  2. no offense but why is this a issue for us other players or the devs, if you stream the game which is a PVP game mostly then you should expect people to stream snipe you. Now i might be mistaken but surely you can handle 1 person. If not find his/her bed/s and destroy them, then kill him. Problem solved.
  3. tbh if they did regular server restarts you could just have it so that sleepers despawn on restarts, like Rust i think uses that feature. This way if a raid takes place before a restart you are still vulnerable and cannot hide all valuable loot on you when you log off, or even Combat log with your valuables (would and could happen if it was 60 seconds).
  4. Jager


    Like Guy said Water and Berries in a Cooking pot gives you the option to make Dye when the pot is lit. You don't need the skills of cooking however unless your solo. If your in a group see if someone already has that skill, if so ask them to make you a pot or use there's.
  5. I would suggest that instead of 5 being the max before it started to cost money that it would be the following. 1. 1 Bank per company, the island that it is built on becomes the "Home" island of the company aka the main base etc etc whatever you want to call your main territory that you would defend to your last. 2. You can have as many claims as you want on this island and within x amount of distance from island shores (as long as you can defend them of course), reason for this is due to the size of some companies that currently exist and will also play apart in what you suggested with the rental flags. 3. Claims other than that on the island and outside of x distance from Bank island Shores cost gold to upkeep (amount determined by X time X number of claims outside allowed region). E.g. 1 claim = 10 gold, 100 claims = 1000 gold. Sound good to me, would be nice to dock in a proper dock and anchor of shore all the time. I would say if they did this to remove the ships of the damned and just use this otherwise it might be to much lag caused on the server due to the amount of NPC's and animals spawned.
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