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  1. +1 on Teron Grey above, you should absolutely be looking at unofficial and mods!! further to this bots should be able to repair all ship parts! Being a pirate is a dream for everyone it only needs to be fun to be successful!
  2. Why is the live map on the main page not working?
  3. Light house and buoys can be demolished by anyone not connect to company also no timer
  4. when climbing a ladder on a ship crossing the boarder you and the ladder unclip
  5. EU PVE - Company Recruitment I am a veteran Ark player looking to expand the Atlas Company in order to conquer as much land as possible and enjoy this new game as much as we can. Since this game is very similar to Ark from many points of view, we are looking for Ark experience(but is not essential for like minded players). Would be of benefit: - 100 + Ark hours. - 18 + years old. Preferably: - Have microphone and discord. - Know the basics of game. - Need to be active, as this is going to be a very time consuming game, like Ark. Also we do not want to make playing this game a job where you only grind like some tribes do, our main objective is having fun have adventurers and make friends! If you are interested, please join this discord NOW and say hi! https://discord.gg/amj4Unz https://discord.gg/R4B6qHN
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