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  1. Apparently they put in big picture first page to ask us to translate but give nothing, no support, no docs, no accounts, no projects and no responses. Its like "we dont want you to translate"
  2. Please allow to snap a wooden wall sign on a storage box allowing us to put text on it like (Weapons, Tools, etc). At the moment the only way is to put it on top of it or on floor. Would like to be able to paint them as well. Text and background
  3. I think the crews should have more value and make them worth to level up and invest on.. You could specialize crews into and make them much more expensive as higher they are specialized: Scout : Put on top of mast (would the cheapiest specialized crew) Skill level 1: Light up the floatsam for you as if you were on the crow's nest. Skill level 2: Warn you of upcoming storm in advance. Skill level 3: Can filter the floatsam levels to light up. Skill level 4: Warn you of Ship of the damn Ahead (or make them visible further). Skill level 5: Warn you of any hostile ships ahead (or make them visible further). Navigator: On steering wheel (Should be very expensive) Skill level 1: Sail toward the direction you want (just like actual auto pilot (and remove auto pilot)). Skill level 2: Ability to put 5 waypoints to follow on map and make him follow it. Skill level 3: Try to dodge cyclones while following waypoints. Skill level 4: Try to dodge Ships of the Damn while following waypoints. Skill level 5: Follow a trade route with a set timer stop before leaving. (would require 1 on steering wheel + 1 on lieutenant podium). Farmer: Leave it near crops Skill level 1: Harvest all possible crops and put it in closest larder / feeding through Skill level 2: Harvest only the specified crops type and put it in closest larder / feeding through Skill level 3: Ensure to keep a certain amount of specified crops in larder and feeding through in range Skill level 4: Gather eggs too Skill level 5: Collect poops and re-fertilize crops if there is a pig nearby Soldier: put on follow or order to guard at specific location or send it on mast platforms below crow's nest (very expensive) (this can sound unrealistic but I think any US marines can confirm thats one of the first roles of the US marines, snipers on mast to shoot the crews English ships) Skill level 1: Can use Pike Skill level 2: Can use Sword Skill level 3: Can use Flintsgun (2 max) Skill level 4: Can use Blunderbuss (1 max) Skill level 5: Can use Carbine (1 max) Merchant: leave in bases or boats (expensive) Skill level 1: Can trade ressources Skill level 2: Yell to let people arround know there is a merchant (can be turned off) Skill level 3: Can trade built items Skill level 4: Can trade Tamed animals Skill level 5: Can automaticly interact with other crew merchant selling/buying whats in the buy/sell box. **Skill level 6: Can trade ships?
  4. Id like to have a flag on top of the ship masts, I was more just thinking about company flag but why not make it customizable.
  5. you can build a barrel and put it on ground, it collect water overtime and you can fill up jars in it
  6. Geldo


    I'm working with a candian French keyboard and cant press "/" for company chat and cant edit the keybinds. (the / is on keypad or shift+3 and both not work for that) I need to tab cycle everytime. Should be able to edit chat keybinds in parameters.
  7. Hello, Once you create groups in company, the "F" keybind does not work. "E" still work. Delete groups, "F" work again. Bug seems to be directly linked with that function.
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