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    Golden Arches to be exact
  2. The wars are coming. Just wait. People are still getting a feel for things, farming better equipment schematics and seeing who they REALLY want to fight.
  3. They've removed beds from the game. When you die, you must start all over.
  4. To be fair though, they did this with a 24 hour crew. Its actually possible to do it in this game if you can pull that off. Sucky part about having separate EU servers is that the night shift is hard to cover If you get a solid 3-4 people though online at that time you could stock NPC's and pull it off easily though.
  5. A galleon is not a "fighting" ship Its meant to hit from a distance and be surrounded by smaller ships, exactly like an aircraft carrier is. Bigger hardly ever means better in warfare. Fast and hard is normally a great approach. I mean would you take a B-12 Bomber in to fight 5 F-16's? No. Use logic.
  6. Wow, I did not know that. That's what I will be doing from now on lol
  7. Does it give you half the mats back like demolishing does?
  8. This looks like a recruitment thread to me. Please lock and move to the proper place!
  9. Ya its just a percentage. It doesn't go up a LOT with this armor level, but a month or 2 from now when people are out getting legendary and mythic patterns a lot more, the game will change drastically. A mythic set of armor with a 200% health increase will make PvP a whole different game. Swap out and do some experimenting with it. This is a testing phase for the game, figure out a way to improve your character before you blame game mechanics
  10. If it says 110 on the blueprint, high intelligence can make it go up to like 150 (That's the best Ive seen so far, 149.6 or something) Well it adds upgrade slots to be exact. I made a few without it and got anywhere from 2-7 upgrades available. When I repec my intelligence high, I was getting a consistent 5-9 or so upgrades. Once you upgrade that 9 upgrade one it goes to the 149.6% It may take awhile to get a full ship of high quality parts, but if the game were easy, it wouldn't be any fun! I know for armor in the Arctic area it is a HUGE help. I have a full set of Blue Fur armor and don't have to add many points in my stamina now to stay warm.
  11. I see at least 2 bugged SoD's a day stuck in an island somewhere, just roll over to it and use your lawn maintenance tools to kill it. Ive done 3 reds that way! Even killing a gree is pretty easy. People are too scared of them. If you have 2 NPC's and a person fixing the ship and 4 cannons its not hard.
  12. Even a gray common blueprint made by someone with high intelligence can make your ship twice as strong.
  13. Use blueprints to build. That wont happen (As easily) People seem confused, once ships start being made out of legendary blueprints soon, that fire will be damn near meaningless.
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