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  1. what's up with the 50% tax rates for pve? except for landlords, there is no point for anyone to play the game, it should be removed completely if someone wants to build something they should farm resources themselves. I really don't understand what's up in the mind of who makes these design decisions.
  2. I don't get the removing of flags either for PVE limiting it to 1 or 2 per player would be a way better solution, seems they want to come up with there own half solution instead of trying what the community is asking for since day 1 of release... But ill judge when its out on the ptr if i still want to play on official
  3. And how did you solve it? gah i hate it when people say problem solved and dont explain got same problem so !
  4. So if i go on vacation for let's say 8 days, and i come back can people claim my flag and home i created/sleep in or just flags i don't sleep in? And is there any documentation about the rules of flags how long before someone can claim a flag you sleep on, Or not can claim it? If there is no documentation about that get it up in the WIKI asap please, there is to much confusion about flag timers And why not just limted the number of flags 1 person can have would solve alot of stuff and people can still have control over there land/home when going away for awhile but not claim an entire island/grid at the same time! Talking about PVE btw PVP different story probly. Thanks!
  5. So i don't know if this just lazy coding or "feature" or just stupid stuff or bug. But when it storms and I unanchor tornados spawn, when i anchor they disappear right away. I can repeat this over and over as long as it storms. what's up with that bullcrap? fix already devs. tornados should be random and less frequent not based on if you unanchor or not rofl such dumb mechanic.
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