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  1. In PVP there are no claiming rules as you can fight for territories. In PVE we allow 5 claim flags per company per region to help minimize people claiming entire islands. These can be land or sea claims but have to be limited to 5.
  2. We try our best to never have to wipe. Unfortunately due to early access it happens and if it does happen we typically offer higher rates for a decent period of time to help offset the setbacks of a wipe. Again we try our best to never have to wipe.
  3. You are a really nice person thanks for being so nice I will ask you to remain civil because your attitude and priviledge is outshining your statements and it is viewed poorly how you are handling yourself like a child that has gotten participation trophies their whole life. We offer channels in our discord for people to message members of our community to help give them land. Furthermore we have many companies who have their discord name on their claims so you can message them directly and ask for them to open up land. Did you try any of these avenues? Or did you just decide being lazy (and childish) and blasting on a forum was a better idea? We have very active dedicated hardworking admins and I take offence to you suggesting otherwise. They work around the clock to keep everything running and you have no right nor knowledge to suggest otherwise and your claims are down right offensive. We also offer Mod Mail where users can contact community managers and mods directly and they answer all open tickets promptly. But I assume you decided not to use that either... We will be a better unofficial server without the likes of you based on the way you are handling yourself.
  4. Hey man sorry for the late response but we currently have a count of around 130 players but our server can hold a total over 8000 players. We are now ranked #3 in the world for unofficial Atlas servers on atlasserverlist.com.
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