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    Salvaging / Plundering

    Yeah, I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I found three fresh wrecks side by side after a storm. All ramshackle, no loots
  2. Razorwire

    Food and Drink question

    To 50, or towards 50? I assumed it was towards 50, so have not paid much attention to them. I'd be happy to learn I'm wrong
  3. Razorwire

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Logged in this morning, saw the changes, logged straight back out. After the Fountain and aging bullshit, and now stupid grind for the only wildlife proof buildings, there's no way I'll be recommending to the rest of my clan that we all get involved. Stone is literally the only way to stop your buildings, sleepers and tames from getting eaten overnight, and a good chunk of the map lacks one or other of the new requirements. I'm in maintenance mode; logging every couple of days to keep our claims alive. Sort it out, Devs.
  4. Pax is completely right. My neighbour and I tested it. 4 day decay timer before the land owner can demolish, and you have normal access (other than building stuff) during the timer.
  5. Razorwire

    Mixed PVP/PVE Servers

    I would
  6. Razorwire

    please increase the SOTD render range

    It's more of a problem if you have a fast ship in a busy area; I was full sail with strong wind behind me this morning, in sight of a large player base, and one of them popped near on top of me. If I hadn't been sharp on the turn of have hit it, it was that close. I think the spawn rate is up too. Last week I'd see one or two in a grid, now I see multiple clusters of 3+ per grid.
  7. Razorwire

    Good job guys with fountain.

    Truth. I have every intention of ignoring the debuff for a while, personally; let the crazy subside a little.
  8. Razorwire

    Chinese sinking our galleon right now

    Not enemies in PVE, you can't.
  9. Razorwire


    I found a 'ghost' island around E11; wasn't on the map, went in to anchor the sloop and make landfall and it behaved like Ocean. I could sail right through it. Then a SotD spawned behind me and I started to run, only to watch the SotD run aground on the beach I'd just sailed through... Had a week's worth of trade goods and seeds on board, so I didn't think to get evidence for bug report and my memory is too vague about location to report now
  10. Razorwire

    Uh what sense does this make?

    If you do the thing you get a significant buff and a minor debuff, for a net gain. If you don't do the thing, you get the debuff only, for a net loss.
  11. In option one, mega tribe gives access via PIN to a materials drop box, and their mate or 2nd account builds the cheap ships from the large company's gathered assets. Ships are then 'stolen' by the large company for PvP use. In option two, mega-company farmers split off into smaller 3-5 person companies to gather, using tools and tames supplied by parent company to harvest using the buff. Offline protection or raid timers is a better solution, I think.
  12. Razorwire

    Holding pen for tames

    Mine's double stone walled with single/double/triple stone foundations, depending on the ground height. Also the ground floor is empty, and there's no line of sight to sleepers or livestock. I never get problems from animals outside, but do get the odd spawn inside. Casualties so far are several sleepers, a chicken or two, a cow, and several monkeys.
  13. Razorwire

    Holding pen for tames

    It's not the same. I had two wolves spawn inside my enclosed stone building on Wednesday, within the trough feed radius.
  14. Razorwire

    Base on someone else's flag

    During the timer you can also demolish your own stuff for a partial materials refund.
  15. Just did my own quick test. I got my neighbour to add me as an allowed builder. I put down a thatch foundation, then got my build id revoked. The foundation started a countdown-to-decay-demolish-allowed, like lawless does when you're away, except that it still counted down while we were both stood there. I was able to do a normal demolish with the partial materials refund. It was 3 or 4 days on the timer. So looks like if your landlord wants you out, you have a little time to move your stuff and get back some of your building's materials.
  16. Razorwire


    "We've offlined our Official Network whilst we look into reports. We'll be restoring the servers online as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and our apologies for the inconvenience." From the Atlas official Twitter. I was also heading full speed into harbor...
  17. Razorwire

    Bull useless ?

    How does that compare to the bear? I find one patch of berry plants gets me dozens of full stacks in about a minute.
  18. Razorwire

    How to deal with cyclones

    Ran through a couple of storms on the sloop tonight; planks didn't go below 90% even though we hit several cyclones in one go during one of the storms. We did do repairs straight after each storm, as we always do. They don't feel buffed to me.
  19. Razorwire

    Why does my tamed animal go away

    Taming food is not the same as feeding food for a lot of things. Bears tame on honey, but eat raw meat and berries. Also, I had two wolves spawn inside my be this morning; fully enclosed stone building. My advice is to double skin your walls and put everything on a second floor a couple of wall-heights up.
  20. And you get stuck I went to check out my neighbors brigantine build, as I'm planning one myself, and I had to punch-suicide to get off the deck.
  21. Razorwire

    when does a boat go slow?

    They do, and the tooltips tell you the number of extra, but they also mention something about reducing the effect of weight on speed. It's unclear whether this is an increase in the threshold at which weight slows you down, a different curve for the effect as more weight is added, or just referring to the numerical increase in max weight again as fluff text.
  22. Razorwire

    when does a boat go slow?

    Does that 65% change with weight sails? Tooltip suggests it does, but not had any hard data on it.
  23. Razorwire

    Problem painting sails

    Just forest, eh? Our tribe colours were forest and white, and are the same for our company. I leave the white bits transparent, so I've had trouble with every design
  24. Razorwire

    Problem painting sails

    Ark uses different dyes to Atlas; there is an Atlas specific .pnt importer, but it also includes the Ark colours and you have to turn off the non-Atlas colours before you save. Best practice is to untick every dye, and only re-tick the closest colours that you know are in game; in your case black, a maroon and a gold/yellow or two. **Edit** I'm away from my machine now, but I'll post the name of the software I'm using in the morning **/edit**
  25. Razorwire

    Looking for Bears

    https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Bear Lists spotted locations and a lot of other useful info.