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  1. Truth!!! Devs are like...lets make it a boat game. Okay. Then lets make it equal for small companies (barrels) Then: FUCK EVERYONE
  2. WTF are you talking about? offline raiding? You get 15 hours of peace. Like come on. Price is the problem. Not the offline raiding. Don't listen to this dude. lul DEVS STOP BEING DUMB!!!!!
  3. This has to be a joke! Like are you serious? Lets make it impossible for most companies not to be able to sail boats in a boat game. Like WTF. 50k gally going to lose to a schooner with barrel bombs. Nami - tell these devs and your company that this is a joke of a patch. Like gold for boats I get it, it makes sense, but 50k for a gally? Like where in the F*** did u all come up with these numbers?
  4. One idea, that I can't take credit for, that a member in my company came up with was NPC Lumber yards, mines, and what not that would help companies get out of farming and more on the seas. I really like that idea. I believe that if you made it so they didn't farm like a lot, but say 10,000 a day and then people could farm more if they wanted. That would help people enjoy the game. You could make it cost a bit in gold and a number of NPCs that would give you the max number of resources. A lot of what burns people out is the farming because you gotta do so much of it. Just an idea that could really help people enjoy the seas, which is my favorite part of the game, and less the farming aspect. Thank you for listening
  5. Just messaged you. If you’re still looking let me know.
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