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    3 months to get to 100 years old?

    Na fuck this i wanna fuck all the female characters in my company and make 1000000s of baby me's
  2. FoOKaa

    Let us spawn in lawless

    I cant see a reason to block spawning on beds in lawless.. Devs say their meta is lawless is temp area to get going after freeport shiz. Ok so I play the game how you want, I leave freeport, I go lawless and make starter base and die. Now what ? Raft or skank sloop back to my newly empty base ? Pointless...
  3. FoOKaa

    Lawless area's

    My understanding of Lawless is this... Your shit decays in 4 days if inactive... The timer resets when you visit your shit... You cant spawn on beds in bases in lawless ( make a raft in the sea with a bed and make a base around it).. PPl can raid you and thats it, you cant be claim raided so just make your base 10 thiccc and yo good...
  4. FoOKaa


    And maybe an extra large gate to fit a Galleon or Brig through