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  1. I want to agree to having offline protection.... my boat was out in the ocean, in a claimed area and whilst I was offline for the night tornadoes had slowly torn my boat apart. When I joined again a Ship of the Damned appeared and demolished my boat within seconds. Literally a one-hit due to that the storms had razed my boat. I can't be by land because then people with piracy or cannons would've just shredded my boat apart, I don't have enough gold to even buy 1 crew member.
  2. Hello! My name is Carlec (ign: Chief Engi. Carlec Sparrow, Company Sparrow, EU PVP Region J14) and I'm currently stuck outside the shore of Bigshall Peninsula with my friend Horoids. The issue started occuring after we fired cannons, whereas shortly after a storm started. We tried moving out of the storm which we thought was "yeah it's fine, we're stuck so I guess it's to be expected", however as soon as the storm stopped we tried moving again. We failed. We have full wind and should be able to move, we tried repairing all damages without any success. Please help. Regards; Carlec.
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