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  1. Hands down great work, I'd like to donate if you allow it, your program is very well done... Atlas should pay you for making such a great tool for their game!
  2. So when is the shops going to be nerfed or something with hiding stuff in them while raiders are offline ? Guy said it local that the use it to hide stuff while offline and pull it back out when online... kinda bs and needs addressed
  3. Anyone else getting stuck in the floor after server restarts ?
  4. xXDeathXx

    Ship Level Scaling Please

    Hey Everyone, Was wondering should they increase the leveling of ships to scale based on the ship size? sloop 41, increases to 100 with the galleon but make it a real task to level it that far, could add also a leveling perk to increase the amount of stuff you can add to a ship like ceilings etc... would be cool. Also, would be nice if the Player count vs npc count was divided so if you crewed your ship completely, you can still have some friends on it with you and not worry if your ganna crash it lol. Ideas? Thoughts?
  5. Thanks was looking for that
  6. Hey Everyone, Was wondering if there was info on the specs to host this game, Grid by Grid. Similar resources to Ark with CPU and RAM ? Just curious what kinda monster this game is server side for anyone that has run a dedicated already.
  7. xXDeathXx

    Remove structure limit build on ships

    The limit should be the weight not placement limits.
  8. farmville still needs players, i think it's a smart idea to force ppl to move around and get rewarded. dont like it move to another game.
  9. xXDeathXx

    Stone cost controversy poll.

    another Option make two types regular stone as it is now with the weaker and pull the paste and metal from it, add Reinforced Stone (another tier) and add in the paste and metal and this stone takes much less damage from cannons etc... makes it better vs the wood which makes zero sense because a cannon ball would scatter wood, stone should be much stronger then wood any day of the weak, devs DIFF need to rethink this because the logic does not make any sense at all. Rather then nerf and make stuff cost more, give us more options versions. Could even do this to wood - Reinforced Wood, regular Ship planks - reinforced planks this would be a good alter to what was introduced into the game and i figure most would justify the cost IF it was reinforced and had better stats on it and abilities etc.... food for thought?
  10. xXDeathXx

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    I couldn't agree more with your post, what a shit thing to do...
  11. xXDeathXx

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    make alter like stone and armored stone for more cost, this change is very bad please hear the community. This change is big and just makes it more of a grind then it already is.
  12. xXDeathXx

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    could just nuke all the stuff the hackers done and not punish everyone else!
  13. xXDeathXx

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    Can you guys stop with all the rollbacks and just remove items or whatever is exploited next time ffs this is getting stupid for the amount of rollbacks that has been going on lately over exploits/cheats etc... make a good log system so you know things and where they go btw thanks for a good game sense Eve Online!