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  1. This type of communication is just... Insulting. For goodness sake just stop it. Respond timely and meaningfully or not at all (we are used to that anyway). You are just going to annoy those few of us who are left. When we complain that there is silence we are not looking for a placatory response, we are wanting actual information. With over 11,000 hours in game... No, there is no typo.... I've definitely gotten my money's worth. I like Atlas (obviously) and it had so much potential.
  2. Did the number of discoveries needed for each level (past whatever the 1st one is that needs disc) get adjusted as well or do they remain the same? If already killed Kraken do we get the additional xp automatically, do we get it when we defeat it next, or are we limited to what we were given when killed the first time?
  3. Please fix this for the love of anything and everything - I can't take it anymore - 3000+ hours in the game and THIS is making me want to give up. Intentionally sank 1 galleon yesterday because i was tired of this crap. Seriously. Fix this please.
  4. Please PLEASE stop with the dinosaurs! If I wanted to play a game with those I would play Ark - I don't! Let Atlas be Atlas...
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