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  1. Cant craft the Smithy, even after respec and several logouts and logins
  2. At A7, cant regain stamina, nor interact with the enviroment, but i can walk around as if it has locked me out Edit: If I walk to the other side of the island and log out, and log back in, then I'll teleport back to where I started since the issue started EditEdit: For some reason trying to drown myself solved this issue...
  3. damn i feel like my 231 points sting, that must reeeeally sting
  4. i got 231 discovery points at this point in time, with no power stone nor whale points
  5. the only way that im gonna continue playing atlas is if they drop the discovery system, or change it because it takes aaaaages to gather discovery points at this point
  6. still tmeout Edit: I can now enter the server!
  7. Northeast Tropical Freeport - (v8.56) is down, found out of that the hard way when i clicked wrong and respawned on home region instead of the bed i intended to spawn on, fix this fast please, i literally cant play the game atm, just gets stuck on neverending primalgamedata_bp or message that say Connection timeoutor whatever, wildcard fix your shit!
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