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  1. Grown Animals can survive in harsh climate where the babies would not. I have watched a few babies die. so i understand the viability of that mechanic. I will be back when you guys push the update.
  2. I think i am going to like it here ! Glad i reached out and joined up! Everyone has been Very Helpful !!
  3. I am experiencing this also on official pve .
  4. For example i can not go fully prone unless i am holding a weapon/tool and as soon as i unequip i stand up again. There are a bunch of these controller actions and i am sure it will improve/change with time and updates. I am glad to have them integrating the controller from the statrt and not making it a second thought thrown together add on. I am actually enjoying sciencing it and figuring it out. I still have not figured out swinging or jabbing the spear yet.
  5. Clicking the left thumbstick and/or clicking the X button will change some modes also clicking and/or holding the shoulder button/buttons will also change some actions/modes. I have not scienced with the update today yet, but experiment with these and see if it helps you figure it out.
  6. I would like to see a Boxing Ring that could be put up and taken down at Captains leisure. It should allow melee combat between the Crew members and give some sort of experience related to Melee Combat. On long trips this would be valuable in keeping morale up in the crew. I do not have the knowledge to create a mod that would allow this but I have hope someone will see this and go with it ! Maybe the Ring could aso double as a respawn point that could be put up as Combat approaches...?
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