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    Abandoned ships

    Hi guys I finally found an Island that was abandoned and managed to claim it... lucky beat the other group of sailors by a min or so ... anyway as its pve ... and the island was abandoned WTF do i do with the boats standing all over the place ... they don't have much damage on them so wont be sinking anytime soon ... is there a way I can get them removed ... or sink them or is it just ma part of my view now till next time we wipe ...? I don't care about whats on the ship as long as I can use the space it takes now ...
  2. siepsop

    urgent Eu Sirons Call Time outs

    Cant log into any of the regions went to fetch a friend at M7 now I cant log in anymore after the famous timeout crash anyone have a work around for this or we waiting for next year
  3. siepsop

    urgent Server limbo

    Same here Keep getting Time outs and also the nice hang just after it made you happy Devs need to restart these servers