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  1. Nokim

    Increase sailing speed

    nothing wrong with current sailing speeds, what they do need to fix is speed sails actually giving speed sail bonus. if the default is made faster the game will be broken very fast. reminds me of ark where a few guys would show up run turbo speed across the island, spam C4s then disappear so fast that you couldn't find them much less catch up to them while mounted. cept here it would just be done with ships. And if you make ships faster, SODs would have to become faster too, not to mention whales.
  2. Nokim

    claiming through foudations

    few obvious things here. 1. its official, and in official people will try to have 100% control over whatever they can via foundation spam because if they don't some other chump might decide that building enough shipyard to block a lake would be a fun thing to do. or because you may log in and find someone has built a perimeter of pillars around your boat that you can't ever remove. 2. learn to use the freeports, you can buy sloop now and sail off to lands where you can actually build a base. 3.ramshackle sloop sails suck, yeah i get it. But nothing stops you from building a loom on it and replacing those crap small speed sails with a bad ass medium speed sail, well nothing except your failure to think outside the box. 4. Again, OFFICIAL, when you chose to play official server, expect the worst and deal with it.
  3. Nokim

    Hatchet blueprints?

    maybe you should just do more blue, purple+ treasure hunts. My group has a bunch of bps for all the tools, even a few mythic bps for metal axe, and pick. the one we are yet to see is a mythic sickle, but then again we have some pretty beefy bears so we probably wouldn't bother to make those either.
  4. Nokim

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    btw you should do actual testing and get some actual speed numbers. knowing what your best combination for max speeds is all fine and dandy. but if that leads you to your best speed being 5knots, then its all meaningless and you are leading people to a lot of sunk boats by sods they cant outrun. you should rework everything based on the assumption that you want your "best speed" even under crap wind to keep you above 6knots speed. and now that i look at it all in detail the whole this is actually bad info. " Weight sails give 60% of the speed that weight sails give weight sails and cargo crate penalties are not additive. i'm confused what you mean by giving 60% of speed that weight sails give. and weight sails and cargo crates penalties not additive?- they are very much additive. speed is 100% that varys by ship as to what 100% actually means knots wise. but 100% is still 100% when you put weight sails. meaning galleon 30k weight=100%, adding 1 weight sail just makes it 34k=100% with speed being determined by the % of unused weight. but what is 100% mean to a galleon? based on experience i guess its about 14knots speed under normal good wind conditions. so 30k=100%(14knots), or 34k=100%(14knots) whatever cargo you add IS additive, and hits you with about a 6.5% speed penalty. or 14knots at one cargo net means 14-6.5%(dropping your speed to 13.09knotts of best possible speed at basic weight) 14knots at 2 cargo nets means 14knots -(~13%) speed sails are the only thing im not 100% sure off but appear to add independent bonus which kinda makes sense due to their description. example. common sails say they give 100% this i believe is misleading in description as they seem to give about 1knott per common sail.once you get a bp you notice the description might say something like 103% but i think thats because for speed sails 100% =1knot so 103% for a speed sail might acutally mean 1.03 knots.which means it is an independing addition to speed not affected by cargo. I believe this because i have a galleon with 6 speed sails and another that i use with weight sails and no cargo and the difference in speeds with and without addition, pre and after patch seem to match my theory.(galleons is pretty much the only boat i sail, so im very familiar with typical speeds on it at various setting/sail combinations)
  5. Nokim

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    This post is only workable for PVE players like myself no PVP player would consider putting cargo or weight sails at least not unless they love risking it sinking. personally based of my tests, effects of the cargo are cumulative, and since im a PVE player i only need to make sure my speed is above 6knots even under the crappiest of winds at 90% weight to outrun sods. The changes have been quite nice. my weight using 3 weight sails128% and 3 speed sails has gone from 41 to 51k. my cruise speed on good wind at standards weight7.5k is about 14.5knots, 8knots on garbage wind. once at 90% thats about 9.5knots normal wind and 6.8knots garbage wind.(this is all full green on wind) the cargo only increases capacity not weight and each one costs about 6.5% speed which is rather deadly real quick.basically 8k worth of metal at 1600weight per cargo at a 6.5% speed reduction cost. if you keep that in mind its easy to see that putting more than 2 cargo nets would be deadly, and at 1 safe and 2..questionable. each speed sail seems to give about 1.1% speed with 6 speeds getting you a normal cruise speed of about 17knots on normal good wind conditions and basic weight.any way you look at it thats already death if you reduce it 40% without actually carrying more than default weight. I know the 17knots because i have a lvl 37 galleon that i use just to fast travel with all speed sails. Oh and btw, speed sails are not fixed, my company has tested this. common sails/legendary speed sails...no difference in speed. all in all the new changes bumped me from 90% 29k carry weight to 90%38k+ atleast 1 cargo and that puts me at 44.8k actual weight(38k-1600+8k of the actual cargo mats weight) This doesn't count a 2ndcargo which i think might be doable..but questionable risk to dropping to 6knots.
  6. Nokim

    Ship LvL and Quality

    This is all very confusing, I wish i could test my ships but all have ended up sunk before they could max out. My max brig made it to 42 and then got sunk by the Kraken. What i do know is we had a legendary shipyard that produced 150% ships, a week later we replaced it with a 164% mythic and just a few days ago i placed down a 199%(crafted) mythic large shipyard that once placed appears to produce 180% ships. so what does this mean? I've no clue, but my first common made ship made to lvl 42, what should i be expecting to be my max lvl out of a 180% shipyard/ship?
  7. Tools Tools appear broken, i have made green, blue, purple and my latest a 299% mythic metal pick.what i have noticed is there is NO gathering difference between my common or mythic pick. Broken? I have had the same experience with the axe. Make me wonder if weapons are equally broken. Last the shovel. has anybody found a reason or purpose for making anything higher than a common shovel? extra durability is nice i suppose but is there any other reason to upgrade? It was great when we could use shovel to get more gold out of chests along with skills, but that was taken away. Sails why does the common sail not show its speed %? why only 100%? makes it seems like its the same speed as a 100% handling or weight sail but obviously they are not. So why not label them what they are which i guess might be 101%? on top of that are the sail bps broken? used 3 common sails, upgraded to 3 x103%greens, later to3x 106%blues, and lately to 3x112% purples speed sails i'm yet to see any change in my speeds as measured by the sextant buff. and mythics? my group found ONE mythic large speed sail bp..however speed was not listed?????? Gear Gear bonuses seem to be broken as well. I had 1 pair of blue boots 9%int, and my pair of legendary like 7%int bonus...sounds obvious which one to use right? WRONG!(not correct numbers as i don't' remember exact numbers but the point remains) when I used the lower int legendary my int would jump like 20% higher???! Ship weapon bps(cannons, ballistas), planks bps etc all those seem to work. has anybody else experienced these things?
  8. At first i wasn't sure because i was making green picks, but then i moved to blue picks and i still didn't see any different. yesterday i made a 299% mythical pick. I'm still getting the same amount as using a common pick per metal node. I suspect all other tools are the same way. Please take a closer look at tools are they dont' seem to be working.
  9. I think part of the lack of immersion and the lack real groups is the lack of need for it. You have already thrown in more bosses and pve content than ark has. Might as well go the next step and make this a real "group" game. We need a reason to group rather than solo sail. a reason to do more fun ground combat not only vs other players but against ground bosses like hydras etc without the need for lame tacticts like luring to shore to a barrage of ballistics etc. We do it because we have no choice. we pvp in lame ways because we have no choice. here is what i suggest make it more rpg ish enable Classes and formation of groups of up to 6, with raids containing many more groups. Introduce classes: captain (tank-high hp/armor rating bonus) +gold from shipwrecks/sods/treasure maps when aboard ship. -high melee damage, capable of using all weapons. Quatermaster (Melee dps/secondary tank) +stops cost of gold to npc crew while aboard -high melee damage, capable of using all weapons. capenter (ranged dps-bows) +ships repair speed50%/reduced repair cost 50% -higher bow damage, capable of using all weapons. cook (buffer/debuffer hot heals) +stops depletion of vitamin/food while aboard for all crew -lower melee damage, capable of using all weapons. surgeon (healer-big insta heals) +blocks effects of climate for crew while aboard(heat/cold) -lower melee damage, capable of using all weapons. gunner (range dps-guns) +ship canon range/damage -higher guns damage, capable of using all weapons. navigator (Melee Dps) +ship sight/speed -higher melee damage, capable of using all weapons. I believe this would make pvp way more fun, less dependent on guns/tames and more on armor/melee weapons which are currently never used. not to mention a reason to actually have a group on your ship. clearly some classes will need class specific spells, but we already have fantasy monsters so why not a few spells. At the very least I believe something like this would make for one hell of a mod.
  10. Nokim

    Galleon sail setup

    you dot need to do math, get a sextant which gives you a buff that allows you to see your ships speed. load up 3 speed sails then 6 and see what you get. my guess is they all stack and 6 probably fastest. however usability comes into play. i personally run 3handling 3 speed. the handling allow for quick take off and controlled sharper turns than speed sails.
  11. Nokim

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    you seem a bit confused, this is NOT a group game. you don't have healers, tanks, dps roles etc. this is a every man for himself among many other players type of game. In pvp its an advantage to have numbers of individuals, in pve not so much. and while soloing a boss is impossible or any kind of boss really, sinking sods should not be.risky maybe but not impossible. the "RPG" in "mmorpg" in the description of this game is a very loose and different definition from the usual. I can't "group" up with a buddy or two and do different roles on a ship. we are just individuals. as indiviuals I can choose to do it all alone, i will just struggle to do repairs while sailing and that is a risk I am ok with. honestly this game would be great if it was a TRUE fantasy RPG. instead of tames i would form a group with a "pirate tank" a merch "healer" and Mercenary"dps" and we would go to golden age islands and do hand to hand combat along with a few spells to fight the bosses and mobs. It would be way more fun, than a few INDIVIDUALS on a bunch of tames stampeding thru everything. It still early i suppose they COULD implement such true RPG elements. tank, healer, gunner,mechanic etc , each with a respective specialty of skills aka, ships cook, ships cannoneer, ships repair specialist etc. that would be a True RPG and worthy of saying you need a "group". but that is not what this game is right now.
  12. Nokim

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    well its a pvp game nothing will ever be fair, a ship like that can 1 shot you. but whats to stop you from doing the same thing? also you expect these great sea battles. that will never happen. if its not cannons it will be some jerk sniping you with a rifle.
  13. Nokim

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    according to who and what rules?a game is a game certain things make sense to base them from reality but others are completely optional, such as the ability to load 5 squeezed elephants on a schooner(which i have done). placing cannons is no difference, there is already a limit on how high or how far outside the ship one can build. A GAME should have certain freedoms without the restraints based on reality. So if i want to place 12 large cannons facing the back that should be my choice. nothing stops you from doing the same. I can't armor them when they are too high thats my risk and choice. I don't like the idea of everyone on a vanilla design, it goes against the entire concept of being able to "design" your own ship. now if you just want more balanced pvp against said builds then it should be done properly, like giving those cannons uptop increased weight reducing you ships speed and ability to turn.
  14. Nokim

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    Please stop using "IRL" as if it actually matters on this FANTASY game. otherwise you will have a hell of a time explaining most of the games contents and how pirates IRL used to load their torpedoes.
  15. Nokim

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    These changes are really bad, nerfing positioning as well as reducing their damage. they should have doubled the weight of large cannons on top deck or gave them some sort of increased decay rate or both and that would have balanced the use of them topside. for all of you pointing out that its more realistic. keep in mind there is little to nothing realistic about this game. submarines, torpedeos, mythical fantasy creatures. face the thruth, this is not a pirate ship game, its a pirate "themed" game and don't forget about the futuristic looking, non sail using nuclear powered sods. if they expect people to shoot lvl 55+ sods broadside they need to get rid of SOD clusters and go back to single sod ships roaming. not even a galleon will stand a change in a broadside fight vs 2 lvl 58sods, AND MAKE THEM SHOOT ONLY BROADSIDE TOO!!. All they did was make it impossible for a single player to solo any high lvl sods. Unless they start providing us with NPCs we can use to do ship repairs while still sailing. In the form of a skill or something.