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  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_oLUsyyHX11hRgZRIkwTDPWboe8j8RHYz2aATjH90UA/edit?usp=sharing currently sold out and will update with new arrivals soon
  2. Currently a Selection of Gatherers for Sale Elephants Rhinos and Giraffes No Deliveries Pick up in J4 or M4 View Below Site for a List of Animals with their Individual Statistics or Message Me here or on Discord (#Bel0005) For Sale Tames - Google Sheets
  3. We are currently having this Same issue only we have All the ship decks in and all of them are Whole decks and still cant place on the front or rear of the Ship
  4. I have had this issue since before i had any powerstones or essences anything i want to look at any sort of map my game just locks up, i just finally got frustrated enough to post something since it never got better in anyway and almost seems worse prolly due to the powerstones and essences actually
  5. I noticed if i look at my main atlas map for longer then 1 minute my entire game will freeze and no longer responds but also if i look at a compass or even just pull it out the game will instantly freeze while sailing and as this is a large portion of the game itself i find it extremely frustrating to not even be able to look at my own map
  6. While I don't have an issue with Whales or killing them/ hunting them and their Mechanics. I do have an issue with how fast they tend to get eaten by sharks after they die. Many times i loose loot and chances to harvest for the tiny amount of Blubber they give due to this happening. In the time it takes to get anywhere near them so you don't get eaten by said sharks the body has since disappeared and with it your visual on were your loot is in the giant roiling Ocean.
  7. Is it possible for Crocs to swpn inside of an enclosed space aswell cause pictured below is my barn were last night had 3 Elephants and a Rhino with the Razortooth and thismorning was just a razortooth
  8. I'm having this issue as well and re-logging into the game and zoning the ship did nothing to fix it i still get this message and am completely unable to build at the front (within the boundaries) or at the rear of the ship.
  9. I keep getting a Message that i need a near by foundation when trying to build on a galleon and am completely unable to place anything in the front of the ship
  10. WTS Tamed Tigers, Catching LvL 20 wild and up and 29 to 30 Elephants. Have some stock on hand and am always catching fresh ones DM myself (Bela#0005, or Kirves#7197) on discord for any info or to see if something your interested in is caught atm or to preplace an order for a 40 Plus tame. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u8joJCzWPc5EhN_AYnNVZ2F7keaVHXucadlIeDiPD78/edit?usp=sharing
  11. I had this happen M10 a huge landmass/mountain in the middle of open water. Scared me cause same as Meikka my husband sailed the boat through it and my game reacted like it was there. An interesting bug to say the least but also scary /incredibly annoying especially in her case were she had a treasure map in said invisible mountain.
  12. I am unable to demolish anything aswell, even items i recently placed.
  13. Now i have tames Pathing through Walls and getting stuck in lockers
  14. My tames are either falling through floors or now getting stuck in walls and buildings. Add that to the new cost to replace said floors/walls and or builds and it hurts a bit. Please note the Star in the bottom Image is were said Elephant was previously sitting.
  15. Beliena

    unable to tame

    I have had Zero issues with Tigers regardless of how they fall, including having it fall with its head stuck through the large door at the end of my pen. Elephants is a whole other issue that thing no matter how i got it to fall once it first didn't let me feed i was never able to again.
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