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  1. Sorry if my spelling is not good. The balance of how the drake and hydra are broken in my opinion. You can't set foot on the golden age islands whitout dieing. If you make climing pick and glidingsuit you can eazely kite the bos to your boat and it wil not do mutch damage. Or do any thing at all. I can do it eazy solo now. I would like a big cave where there are not only harder animals but mainly harder jumps maby some puzzels. With the hydra or drake at the end. At least some end bosses on the water would be nice i think. Like a huge whale(or water dragon) that you can trigger on the island and hij spawns ships of the damed al around it self to protect it self. I would love a really strong ship as a bos that you can only diffeat from the inside. You wil have to boart the ship and diffeat npc on the ship and work your self down level for level and set explosiefs at the lowest level. I hope this wil give it more of a pirat feeling. Boarding ships and fighting on them should be a bigger part of te game i think. I hope that a lot wil agree and not focus on my bad spelling
  2. o that's why i cant find him. How do some have the devited the Craken?
  3. Any one have macro for logitech? All xp songs. Willig to pay for them!
  4. A view of our tames are glitching out. Where getting kickt of and rubberbanding on some of our tames. The rubberbanding is only on the tame. They disrepair a sec and than there back. while walking you get set back a view sec. I hope where not the only ones and that this gets fixt soon. There unusable richt now.
  5. Hi. Are you still on lawles server? Funny to see you on the forum as well. Greats to scarlet. Maby make a allince? Kira sun
  6. How do i vote to seport this to be fixt first. Its hard enough the alphas killing all tames. If my own boat kills them to is realy bad. It wildcard doesn't like tames in game leave them out. Now its almost inposible to keep them alive.
  7. Im sure I'm not. A lot of people in chat and a lot of outfits i know getting irritated about the lack of space on lawles and claimanle land. If your not in the game day 1 you wil have to hope some one some where wil forget there upkeep. I agree on on your idea to. Giving the upkeep cost. So that its more of a hassle. Hopefuly then you rather just claim what you need. Just walking close to you foundation is to eazy and wil give the first players a to big head start. Give later players room to richt?
  8. Am i the only one who thinks this is a problem?
  9. I think your richt. Maby you get boost the longer you stay alive. But now you get the boost if you kill your self.
  10. So i realy like that you can specialize in some things. But i think this is more fun. Take sneak, what if you xp unlock sneak t1 but have to use it to lvl it up to t3. This way you don't just xp buy it. You have to use it to get better.
  11. It's so much more eazy to just die then to manage vitamines water and food. I like the new survival idea. So make dieing matter. Per lvl you have 5 save points. If you die you loze xp to this point. Maby at high levels 10 save points.
  12. At this time at lawles islands there's a lot of foundation spamming. I hope i can explain my idea course in not english. If you put one foundation down there is just one foundation where you can't build on frome this foundation in every direction . If you place 2 foundations you can't build whitin 2 foundations. So if you make a building no one can build to close. There sluild be a distance cap so that it's not that you make a huge base and no one can build on the island. I hope something like this wil come in the game. It's so cheap to claim the hole island whit some foundations.
  13. If you build on your ground you can not damage the base. Atacking a base you first declair war. If you done this you can attack the next day at prime time. I think this can give bigger and more fun fights. And you won't log in and your hole base is gone.
  14. Lol. The same day of this post. Clearly not the only one
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