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  1. P4nz3rwels

    ATLAS Roadmap

    I would like to have save zones from enemy at the borders of servers. The problem on changing the server with the risk of being dead on the other side because of longer loading time and a npc waiting right there and shooting you while loading in let me give up the game some time ago. If this is done maybe i come back.
  2. P4nz3rwels

    Account is banned

    Cheaters allways have done nothing
  3. P4nz3rwels

    bug Ship destroyed in the freeport [BUG?]

    Ships get DmG over time. In the Freeport area this dmg taken is even increased. This happened to me also some weeks ago.
  4. P4nz3rwels

    Press Kit?

    Is there any presskit of atlas available? With the Atlas logo in different sizes as transparent PNG? thx for the help.