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  1. Indywoodtiger

    The ship is gone

    I had a schooner disappear after being on it and sailing 4 grids in an hour.
  2. Indywoodtiger

    Treasure Map - Frustration & Rant

    I feel your pain, I drop N9 maps as soon as I pick them up over the fact that the first 20 times I tried to do them I couldn't reach them
  3. Indywoodtiger

    Bad day for company of Floie

    I can not say that I hate the decay system as it has proven to be very useful in cleaning up some of the areas around some outposts that I have built and gotten rid of a few structures I have built that really made me think if it was wise to be there since obviously noone used it. It isn't perfect and like OP will always have victims that it didn't intend on harming but lets face it people drop crap all the time and don't pick it up and we need a way to get rid of it that we as players can't exploit to our benefit, I know that I have had out in the world 5 map ramps that I have built which have long since decayed and that sucks but I also know that the decay has cleared out a couple of taming billboard pens I forgot to, so taking the good with the bad
  4. Indywoodtiger

    Changes to AOD mean solo players must engage in taming

    Yanking them out for PVP reasons...lol
  5. Indywoodtiger

    I need to know the reason I got globally banned

    "it wasn't me, it was the one armed man"
  6. Indywoodtiger

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    Anyone else just believe they are hoping to get away with a single PvE server and this is the test to that end?
  7. Indywoodtiger

    NA-PVE going to be wiped for test Monday ??

    I had a blast on the PTR as I have stayed out of pvp for a couple of years, Spent about 20 hours building my fleet and base after securing an island just to find out that while i was asleep everything was destroyed and the low lives killed my cow. That;s all the pvp i need to last another decade.
  8. Indywoodtiger

    Where are the updated NA Servers?

    It's not happening as we were told. Note i gave no spoiler warning since we all seen this coming.
  9. if they implement it as it sounds then i think it will be an improvement to current and loads better then proposed. Sure the big guys might get a couple of Islands out of it, but realistically no matter the system implemented they would wind up with it anyway: thats the advantage of having more people. I am sorta looking forward to it as what they have said would make overlaps a thing of the past and really if we get our home island I'll be happy and then i can build some outposts on owned friendly islands with a little shop and have a more secured version then i do already. I just hope they put members of a company based on active members. Too easy to get people in long enough to join then bounce.
  10. Indywoodtiger

    Can't open doors since update

    As the title says I can't leave my base since v21 dropped. i also can't access storage boxes but the grill seem functional. Weird. anyone else having this problem??
  11. Indywoodtiger

    Give an official wipe date

    "through to" so you must have one blurry monitor since it says "now" (not a date) and then just through March 20. Fire the game up look at the screen then show me a through to. Also my whole (correct) point was that the date on screen may be 20, but through means that you have a 6x buff UNTIL the 21st since through would mean that all the 20th would be buffed. This is backed by their weekends that sometimes they have til Monday and sometimes through Monday. Now take one guess which phrase they used when the increase lasted until Tuesday??
  12. Indywoodtiger

    My take on how upkeep should go.

    my issue with the upkeep is as follow: I have a couple of outposts sitting on lawless islands. Each is a 3x2 foundation that I have going up 10 panels. In each I have storage, smithy, bed, and tannery. It is meant for me to show up, gather resources and store them until I float a transporter over for hauling to my base. By current practice I must show up every third day to make sure my timer doesn't run out and someone demo my post. It has worked well for me, and I believe for those around as I have seen people come and go and noone has protested my small little slice of the pie. How when my spots are so small can you deter others from spamming and at the same time allow me not to have to act like each spot IS a base? trying to tie everything into how big something is also makes it to where you must by default take even more space then some of us will, just to keep our stuff. For instance if you try to erase anything under a 2x2 then they will just throw down a 2x3 and continue. if you need 10 then they will just wall off. Truly the only way to stop it is to punish them.
  13. Indywoodtiger

    Give an official wipe date

    Now thats bad luck
  14. Indywoodtiger

    Give an official wipe date

    Really? There is no difference in the word thru and through. One doesn't have a different definition behind it as one is just a shorter version of the other. Hence if you read something that says now through the 20th, then 23:59 on the 20th would still count. If it was actually planned the 20th then "til" would be there. it's even shorter and actually means the 20th.