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    Letter to Jatheish and Development team

    Writing a letter, no matter its lenght, will go a long way if you do it right. What ever this is, its closer to a waste of time than it is to changing anything. let me give you a hint. leading any letter of any sort with the phrasing “Omgz n00bs, you suck at your job, but worry not, mister noname himself just wrote you a Wall of text that clearly show where you all went wrong” aint gonna yield whatever outcome you might have imagined when you first began wasting your time with this ‘letter’. I would be supprised if the devs got much further down the Wall than I did.
  2. BeaWolf

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    So people scream at the developers, not the hackers ?!? ‘what came first’ springs to mind: the egg or the chicken? Or should I say the hacker or the roll back?
  3. Greetings all This topic is an offspring of my own ideas based on 30 years of gaming a huge varity of games, along almost every single Pirate game Title, as well as others ideas and thoughts read on a varity of different sites. I dont claim that any of the listet ideas could or would improve the game for the vast player base, I simply claim that the ideas would improve the game experience at least for myself. so lets get to it. 1. Factions With factions introduced the game would get alot more nuances to not only PvP but the world in generel. Lets imagine the introduction of 4 major factions. For the sake of simplicity lets Call the 4 factions by nation names regardless of actual Atlas lore. The name as such is really irrelevant. 1. Spain 2. France 3. England 4. Dutch Now lets say that each faction has an equal amount of freeports each with a Govenar seat. Those seats Can then be claimed by companies who appoint the governar among themself in any manner they see fit. In order to actally claim the govenar seat, the Company must accumulate enough influence with the freeport, and of more companies gets above the treshold, then be the Company with the most influence. Once the company claims a seat they become part of a government council that concist of all governants from each of the faction freeport. Each gets the ability to suggest the factions behaviour against other factions (War, peace, ect.) and each gets a vote to cast in each suggestion. Once War is declared full PvP is enabled between all players belonging to those factions. Now some players might want to be able to PvP all the time. Those players gets the ability to become pirates with the skill ‘Piracy’ unlocked. Once a Pirate always a Pirate. Those players no longer belongs to a faction and is PvP enabled to everyone, and everyone Can attack and be attacked by Pirates. Even other pirates. As such they Can no longer visit freeports, and must get thier npc Crew from SotD. They Can still come together in companies and could even make thier own pirate ports, where they sell thier ill gotten loot to other players. and here we get back to influence, that could ve gained by many different means but one of those could be selling rare materials such as gems, silver, cobalt, copper ect. to merchants in the freeports (to be shipped back home to the factions mainland not present in the game) for both influence and gold. This mechanic would allow pirates to sell stolen goods for gold, as big companies in order to gain and maintain enough influence will need plenty of rare ressources and therefor willing to pay for them. More ideas will be writen soon.