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  1. It's type of ammo called bar shot used for destroying sail canvas. You either avoid getting hit by it or somehow run away and repair the canvas. While theyre firing bar shots you can do the same to them to buy some time for repairs or destroy their planks.
  2. After 1300 hours of Atlas I can agree sailing should be less time consuming but adding fast travel would completely ruin the game for me. Size of the world is what makes this game so immersive to me. As I recommended few months ago they should just remove ship decay in freeports so you can safely park when you have to log out which allows you to continue the journey next day. If there was an option to park somewhere safely it would save me so much time because I'd not be forced to sail back everytime i travel somewhere far away. People will now say how it will get abused but tbh I dont care if other people in pvp are able to save their ships. It would add much more traffic and risk to travel from freeport to your base and thats exactly what I want rn, more ships and traffic which results in more sea battles. Also freeports shouldnt make ur ship immediately invulnerable but only when you anchor it for 5-15 minutes.
  3. Never said I dont agree with you. It was just too hard not to notice the irony of you calling someone incompetent while showing a gif of you being incompetent. As I said, i cba talking about devs anymore, they dont listen. They got your money, you're not important anymore.
  4. How can you play for a year and not know this is the worst way to tame an elephant? Get a fucking bear and bola the elephant while sitting on it. You dont need pens, it makes them buggy. Also ure feeding it from the WRONG side. I've never had any issues with taming an elephant and i tamed dozens since last christmas. Not even gonna talk about devs, this gif was frustrating enough, seeing how bad u are after a year of playing.
  5. Probably working on another game. Almost a year and there are still so many huge issues which were there at day one. This game is unfixable. Sad, I was so hyped about Atlas.
  6. I enjoy sea battles so much but with current ship render distance and low population its almost impossible to meet any ships. The map is too big to have such low render distance, you have to be so close to see someones ship. Out of 15 hours of sailing last couple of days we met maybe 3 ships. It's hard to keep people interested when they sail for hours and cant find anybody to fight with. This probably wouldnt be an issue if servers had 100+ players per server but rn sailin is so time consuming with almost no reward. I know u devs follow darksideRP closely and their mod that sees ships from so far away made that server 5x better with almost no performance cost.
  7. You need gold depending on how many points the island has and then place the flag where you want to build base. You have to pay upkeep every 12 hours. If ure trying to claim someones island the process basically the same, you place the flag next to theirs and u have to kill all of them in flag radius who are contesting ur flag. It takes an hour, or atleast it took an hour prewipe when my crew owned an island. Contesters (sleepers or online people) pause the timer if in radius.
  8. Complained about that months ago. It is so easy to fix which tells me they dont really care. Ive lost all hope with this studio long time ago. Dont even bother. Seems like they only think about how to milk as much as they can before they move to another game. Its abusable in claimed areas too, because settlers also have decay timers.
  9. Devs are on vacation, try again next week
  10. I'm on lawless since day 2 and loving it except the timer. It literally tells you who's offline. I've been abusing it too, why risk when you can attack when the enemy is offline and the game tells you exactly when they are. If you cant or dont want to completely hide them atleast hide it untill last few hours or something like that. It's stressful to leave when everybody knows you're gone.
  11. As a solo player on official gold is so easy to farm on double weekends. You played 12 hours a day and ure wondering why u feel burnt out. But I dont fully blame you because their games force you to play all day to stay relevant and people are done with that shit.
  12. Now Im able to change it after around 6 hours. I guess cooldown is increased EDIT: option to change it greyed out after traveling to new server.. smth is bugged
  13. How about you read the thread before accusing me of trolling? It was sunk in lawless. Never seen puckles in a freeport. Do you even play the game?
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