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  1. Hello, Here a bug report : I equip a treasure Map, take my shovel and go on an adventure. But ..... can't see the visual halo where to find the treasure and it doesn't trigger the Damned guarding the treasure.... Give the map to my crewmate "instant magic : Damned come and treasure spot shinning for him. Maybe a mistake of me ?? No no ! I try 4 times with 4 different treasure map. i follow the instructions of my teammates. It never worked. I took Piracy skills to be able to be a Treasure hunter....I cannot, because I am blind for treasure and can't trigger treasure map quests. Help ! Thanks Regards
  2. Hello ! First, I am French. Please excuse my my english. I wanted to do some music in this game. But it 's more complicated than I thought. Some bugs make the experience really desapointed. 1) Wardums consume partition sheet even if you failed the partition. Accordeon doesn't consume if you failed. only if you succeed. 2) If you succeed a partition on Accordeon, doesn't buff party. Where's my buff ??? 3) Never succeed on Wardrum, because it doesn't understand when I hit the A key... and everytime I failed, consume a partition. No more partition on my pocket .... 3) I can play wardrums on "Free mode" but not accordeon. (may be not a bug ?) 4) Not a bug, But are you serious ??? Everytime I need a partition for a buff ? and I have to stop in order to "Guitar Hero" the song for buff ? Ain't nobody have time for that. Common partition (easy) are OK to do so, but others, with server lag .... OH MY GOD !! insane. Please review this part. It's an exellent idea as I love songs in this game. Be able to craft and play music is very good, but it's inacessible. Here suggestions : Forgot the Guitar Hero part please ! Set a Free mode on musical instruments, to play anything, and play automatically partition sheet. After consume the same partition X time (X between 5 and 10 ? or more ?), the partition will be known by the character forever and playable with a recovery time. If respec : Forgot all music partition Thanks ! Regards !
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