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  1. Good, someone tells me how I can get the submarine, when I have it in the hangar to build it, it tells me that I need a skill, what skill is it?
  2. Muy buenas , alguien me puede decir que habilidad hay que desbloquear para poder hacer un submarino?
  3. Muy buenas alguien me puede decir como se consiguen los puntos para reclamar una isla?
  4. alguien me puede decir como conseguir los puntos que necesito para reclamar una isla?
  5. Good morning, sorry for the question, but I'm quite new to this, and I would like to know the difference between PVE EU and NA Thank you
  6. Good morning, my comment that concerns me the most is knowing if ATLAS starts with this new Mega-update, everything previously achieved in these 3 months of play is lost ?, or on the contrary when we enter the game we will continue to have our animals, houses , treasures and boats. Thank you I'm waiting for an answer
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