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    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    The devs are not going to fix this unless we let them know. Uproar and fight back on what we want is important. This by far is ruining the game for everyone, building big tame pens just so your animals could die. Losing hours and hours of work because the Devs won't notice that this is a big problem and is also an aspect to the game that needs attention on. Farming is eased by tames but how could you farm when your tames just dies because of bad coding or programing?
  2. Alucard Gremory

    Server Restart/Crash = Tames Death

    Everyone who's tame has died because of falling through ceilings, clipping, attacked through walls from cobras, wilds spawn inside base killing everything, or even tames walking through walls where sometimes walls are invisible from far away render = Please say something. Spam them to fix this issue as tames now are broken to tame as well. Can't even feed them no more solo without dying. Write + to fix these issues asap.