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    problem Wild Animals Through Walls and inactive Gun Mounts

    Well, there seem to things that do spawn by us. We're up in a cliff surrounded by the mountain. Pretty much protected by this mountain, all three sides are protected but only one way out and facing the landscape. About my tames being killed, they get killed inside our base. Everything is closed off; however, somehow a cobra and a tiger were able to enter our stone base and started attacking things and crewmen. They entered our rooms where the doors were closed (our base is a castle so everything is connected). The biggest issue is that our swivel men are not attacking these wild animals when we're not in the rendered area. I have just started putting up puckles, but with testing, it did the same things a before like the swivel port. Things are not attacking from behind as we also have guards behind that should attack them back. This is not an issue of missing ammo box, larder, gold, and etc. Those are basic to us, we are talking about end game defenses here not being able to work on just wild animals. Now there is a new issue that I have found, when not render, our crewmen would not attack wild animals (I was there watching them not attack, it was render when I spawned in, even on all target selected), and sometimes JUMP OFF the mount, or demount by themselves. I have tried to put them to aggressive, passive, neutral, and attack my target but it still consistent bug and problem that we have. Here is the picture that I have uploaded on discord,
  2. Alucard Gremory

    problem Wild Animals Through Walls and inactive Gun Mounts

    My tower is on the ground level, it is 360 protected like a tower. There is no way it shouldn't be able to kill wild animals as my mounted guns are set to target all as well, sir. I have a picture too but I can't upload it because it's too big of a file size.
  3. Alucard Gremory

    problem Wild Animals Through Walls and inactive Gun Mounts

    That is already done, everything works when I am online. We have an ammo box and everything set up, food, gold, and everything else. It isn't those small issues, as I stated above because it works and shoots and they all work properly. Only when you're not there or no one is there to render, it does not work. Wild Animals just goes in and kills everything.
  4. There seems to be a problem where the Devs decide not to look into. It's a "BUG" and not for the improvement of any other phases, a bad one in this case. Wild animals seem to spawn into bases and walk though walls if the base is not rendered. What is worse, even if you set up towers of turrets, or having them at ground level, your crewmen won't fire or protect your base if no one is around/rendered. They will be attacked and do nothing in defense or offense for wild animals. I have tested this myself and brought up normal wild animals where they are shot instantly; my crewmen are set to aggressive, passive, neutral and it does not help when my base is not rendered or no one is around. Even ignore whistle calls are on just in case if my fellow company does a group whistle. This is a major problem and bug when it comes to pvp or pve. People can use it for raiding/exploiting things. I have seen people luring alpha's into the area of the base and then logging off right away, allowing that alpha to run into walls killing everything. The defense doesn't do anything if it's not rendered as well. I have my crewmen mounted to guns die for no reason from cobras and alpha even though they should be attacking those things with sw´╗┐ivels or puckels. They seem not to attack back. PLEASE, fix this issue. ARK devs have fixed this before and I believe you guys can do it as well. PS: Ammo box, food, targeting all, and the tower is a 360 turret base, no reason for it not attacking or defending itself.
  5. Alucard Gremory

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    The devs are not going to fix this unless we let them know. Uproar and fight back on what we want is important. This by far is ruining the game for everyone, building big tame pens just so your animals could die. Losing hours and hours of work because the Devs won't notice that this is a big problem and is also an aspect to the game that needs attention on. Farming is eased by tames but how could you farm when your tames just dies because of bad coding or programing?
  6. Alucard Gremory

    Server Restart/Crash = Tames Death

    Everyone who's tame has died because of falling through ceilings, clipping, attacked through walls from cobras, wilds spawn inside base killing everything, or even tames walking through walls where sometimes walls are invisible from far away render = Please say something. Spam them to fix this issue as tames now are broken to tame as well. Can't even feed them no more solo without dying. Write + to fix these issues asap.