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  1. He said an option, so the current state you all like would remain
  2. You did give them your server location using the console command correct? If so, they will take care of it. Sucks its taking awhile though.
  3. Actually at like 70% weight you get more speed by having a weight sail. Something like that, there was a good post about it recently.
  4. Yeah hard to believe that official story, which makes me assume things are even worse than speculation.
  5. Exactly. See comments where they say "i think the system is fine, i own half an island and am gonna let people build on it" they dont even understand the issue.
  6. If you stole empty land dont feel bad. Others should feel bad for taking all the building space and thinking they have a right to it or something.
  7. Trying to figure out the best way to go about merging companies. If they disband to join us they will lose all their stuff right? We were thinking we could claim all their land with stuff on it and after all that has been taken they can disband and join us, but would they still lose their ships? When my land was taken my ship was still mine so not sure how that works.
  8. Seriously spent the whole weekend with my gf building a schooner and decking it out. log in today and someone has stolen our land(sounds like a new bug??) and sank my fucking ship that was still dry docked.
  9. They have a 2 year plan, the games been out a couple weeks.
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