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    Tired of the Stupid Looking Maneuvering Sails

    when they added 30% boost to all sails speed sails became the meta. what they should have done is 10% for speed 20% for weight and 30% for handling.
  2. use follow and a side mounted ladder is what I've been told just put them on follow and board from the side of the ship.
  3. elwhappo

    Snap Points on Shipyards

    wood pillars work fine, then you can snap to those.
  4. hold ctrl and r l mouse until dead better than waisting time on a broken food system.
  5. elwhappo

    What are your 3 biggest issues with the game?

    the vitamin system is just not fun and not worth even doing , worst game play mechanic and it detracts from enjoyable game play killing yourself every 60 minutes just to keep playing. eating should sustain you period.
  6. elwhappo

    Questions about sails

    well on a sloop a med speed sail is best because you can drive and man the sail solo if you put the wheel directly behind the sail.
  7. elwhappo


    used in crafting mythic weapons from blue prints.
  8. elwhappo

    NA-PvP "Territory Maps"

    nice info, is there any way to tell if it is a freeport, lawless or claimable?