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  1. My brother and I are also looking at joining a bigger company, we have 2 brigs and one power stone already with a small island in N10
  2. I am in the same boat as STID We had our 1 claim taken when we were all sleeping in the 3 houses we build within our area, we played up till 1am ish and by 9am we lost everything. We are now standing within the land claim and everything belongs to the company that own most of the island.
  3. Anything that will address the amount of people that have lot everything to the bugged PVE claim flag system? We logged in after 2 days of being unable to due to a cross server bug and when we finally return with all new characters we find that all our buildings are taken over by another company. What will be done about that?
  4. Right there with you bud, same happened to us on PVE EU
  5. It appears to be lost, the same happened to me and the company. We sailed into M7 crashed and unable to return for 2 days, now the only option was to remake a new character. Update: We just returned to N7 after being away 2days due to the bug, and find we have lost everything to another company on the island Running around the island we can see the same company with 26 different flags, so whether or not they just went around claiming everyone else's land i don't know but our 3 big houses, storage sheds, pens, sloop, brig all sitting there under the there company name. I have no desire to play this again until a complete rehaul of the territory system is in place along with a server wipe.
  6. Same, M7 sirens call and the whole guild is being made to make a new character due to us sailing into M7 last night
  7. agodin

    M7 down

    My guild sailed into M7 gallon with guild on it, and now we are stuck with connection timed out as it would appear M7 is down. Now a whole guild is stuck in limbo and unable to load into the game. I can only imagine being the guild is now lost at sea that our territory and everything we build will be up for grabs due to no one being around for 30mins?
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