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  1. not really the problem is every island that isint a freeport has a port/building in almost every conceivable spot -> want to adventure in pve since thats the point right? well good luck because every island you come too will have more ports/docks/buildings then in the real world. its fine for pvp becuase you can destroy remove/claim them.
  2. it gets worse once you realise all there is to do is build and kill some mobs even if you have land, as there is no exploration in the game (pve), evey bit of land is occupied, so theres almost always a boat dock visible on an island/lawless, so even if you got a base whats there too see when evey part of atlas is occupied. pvp is fine as you can just go raid or fight players.
  3. problem is that wont happen yet till they fix claims and boat sinking/blocking issuses, because eveyone is affraid that when they meet other players there: 1. gonna try to steal their land. 2. gonna sink their boat. 3. gonna block their boat in. 4. newcomers and latcomers stuck in lawless till claims are sorted till they fix these issues the whole join up and do stuff wont happen on pve. *whats funny is it happens on pvp through alliances.
  4. some predators bug out and can spawn inside or are able to kill you through walls if they can reach *lions can just about reach 3 floors.
  5. so just ignore the biggest issuse with pve? thats a great way to drive players away fast. 10/10
  6. it fixed nothing, in fact it just gave players more offical ways to troll others in pve. pvp it could be used for allys so it has some uses there but pve its a joke.
  7. ye but it wont be 30 days from when they start playing, it will be 30 days from when the patch happens, so thats all the time + the 30 days. its just a recipe for peeps to quit by then
  8. no idea, the tls were doing a few days ago and basicly get like 120+ per run from like 3-4 whales etc
  9. nope seen streams where players were getting tons a run (assume more then one whale), and ye gold is better via maps but maps can be bugged, unaccessable on both pvp and pve so neither is better
  10. 30 days is too long tbh, 10-14 days is more then enough
  11. ye that maks sense, otherwise the game is just gonna be tons of players sleeping in houses with land that cant be claimed or they have to wipe the servers.
  12. problem is it has and hasn't been fixed, some of the current flags with overlap will remain overlapped because they haven't cleared servers since they dont despawn or change without input. New ones wont be able to overlap but it does nothing for the countless land claims that is already overlapped.
  13. tbh its broken, you can try to contest and be there hours with no luck or a random runs by and reset its timer or try for lawless but good luck with that as they're already 100% full atm or you can stop playing witch makes the most sense right now or try you hand at unofficals if you can find a server among thousends of crap ones.
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