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  1. Hello everyone, here is a wrap up of everything i found out "can" (but shouldnt be) done in PvE if you want to ruid others day... Know more ? Feel free to add it to the list... 1) Overweighting Rafts / Ships. - Peoples just farm bunch of wood, or stone or whatever is heavy. then stack it into anything that can be open on ship/raft, like campfire, mortar, smithy etc.... - Or overweight on player at maximum, then log off, other player carries him onto enemy ship. and just wait... ship will go down soon, free to salvage. Defense - lock every ship in gates, or block access to them in some way... 2) Luring tornado to sink ships close to beach. - Place raft few yards away from enemy ship into sea, everytime there is rain just afk on raft... sooner or later desired ship will sink. 3) Luring ship of the Damned to sink enemy ships. - you can hit it from raft, or even hatchet it its close enough, then hide under enemy ship and wait.. Free loot INC. 4) Raiding base. - using wild animals to destroy enemy doors, walls whatever.. - if there isnt roof, you can jump in with glider, or use dead animal to climb them and jump over. if there isnt way back, just throw stuff away through any window or roof and let your ally pick it up. 5) Killing sleeping players. - Any animal will do, just kite over. Elephants are especially safe for that, walls wont stop them. 6) Stealing territory / Claiming everything. - full endurance build, place flag. go afk.... you will sooner or later steal it. or just waste time for your oponent... really annoying especially with bugged protection time. One cant even sail withotu worrying about your whole base...
  2. You can Demolish every part of your ship to get some resource back when its sunk... sadly ANYONE can do it.. so ppls just sinking every ships of different players, and farming resources.... PVP in PVE
  3. happens... PVE is basically PVP when you can only harm, or get harmed, and cant defend yourself if you dont build stone gates around EVERYTHING.... we just quit this game until they fix PVE or somehow changes PvP so new player can actually start without sailing for 3 days finding one small place to live
  4. exactly, one was overweighted by like 1k. and the second one carried him to our ship. then they sunk it, and demolished asap for materials....
  5. Fun morning first day of the year, thanks to those two walking shits :) cant even do anything about it... one carries other with +4k weight, and we just stand and watch....
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