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    Needs foundation support

    Yeah @Can, this is still not fixed. Radar is broken @Jatheish? EDIT: ...YEAR later....
  2. Martian

    Support ticket

    I can support this claim, I have a ticket ( Ticket# 22017 ) that hasn't been answered or looked at since january 3rd, and it's about clear case of harassment, that's been going on since the report. No one reads tickets anymore.
  3. Martian

    Game breaking MAP BUG

    @JakeM Found a solution, as advised by @Sprint_ca . It seems that for some reason when I (and multiple others by the looks of it) did a OS change, and did a full HDD format on reinstall, the installer doesn't create folder MapImagesCache ( **\Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\MapImagesCache) same as the folders/files inside which include maps of all islands, and without it you get the grey map and can't use anything on it, can't spawn on a bed by using another bed, or when you die etc. WORKING workaround is to take these files from someone else, recreate folders named by your characters as in **Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\LocalProfiles folder (your character number) and place them in each of these folders. I'm pretty sure that's not working as intended Jake. Thanks for answering, hopefully this will get patched soon, and I hope someone will use this info to fix his problem.
  4. Martian

    Game breaking MAP BUG

    @Sprint_caI'll try that, but you don't actually think this should happen and that would be a solution? What if I don't have anyone to send it to me - can never play atlas again? They can't be serious for ignoring this ( I've seen it reported long time ago and still no fix from devs).
  5. Martian

    Game breaking MAP BUG

    Well, I reinstalled my OS and game. After that, atlas map is not working. Can't see beds, ships I previously placed on atlas map, not seeing new beds/ships. Don't even see powerstone locations or grids on the atlas map. Map is under the fog of war, and no matter what I do, it stays there. http://prntscr.com/msr049 @Voodoo and others: All my atlas tabs are not interactable. Reinstalled game twice after that, did multiple verifications of file integrity. Nothing's helping. Wen't to NA servers, made a new character (didn't have one there ever) - map is not working aswell. Can't play. Can't do shit. On the other hand, my minimap is working and showing things: http://prntscr.com/msr1n5 ...which is useless, since without access to atlas map, I can't travel thru beds or spawn in my base or w/e I want.
  6. Martian

    Large Gate Crash

    I'm having exactly the same issue.
  7. Martian

    Server I9 down for 10 hours 0/150 players