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  1. For pvp servers anyway I believe the fog of war on the map hiding all islands unless you've sailed there should be brought back from season 1. This is pvp, if some random company sinks my boat i shouldn't be able to open my map and find their island in a tile I've never been to. Also makes exploring and finding an enemies island a lot more fun and exciting. Having to interact and talk to other companies if you want to find where someone is.
  2. This has been an issue for a while now, happens to every player i know in every company we have contact with, 100's of people. Your Storm waves no longer render properly keeping the same size waves after the storm hits, causing boats to sail underwater where the low part of large waves would be or fly in the air because the ship goes over a large wave that does not render. It is very annoying and cannons cannot fire when the entire boat except sails are underwater for 5-10 seconds at a time.
  3. sigh.. its not 6 hours, they said 9/28 12am est... that would be 11 hours from now.
  4. PLEASE fix, this is nearly game breaking for people who pvp. Sail max velocity doesn't do a damn thing on speed sails. Sailed 2 brigs, one with 120% speeds and one normal, same speed, this has been mentioned many times now and still no response? Dev's please at least reply and let us know you are going to fix this? Thank you.
  5. maybe you have to invite them to company first, then merge? not sure, i just hit merge every time and it has worked good luck.
  6. yes, walk up to leader of other company > E > Merge....
  7. No. They just don't tell you that they only show you the top 10 companies on the map.
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