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  1. Maji

    ATLAS Roadmap

    So basically...wait a year, come back and all this will be done.
  2. Maji

    20 pages and still going strong....

    Well....every mod must be sleeping during this time frame....
  3. Don't think its un-reasable to ask if we can get a readout of knots on the ships?
  4. Maji

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    You should always expect the possibility of a wipe during EA. That's what this time is for, testing and refining the game to where it will produce acceptable and fun for everyone content. I mean you will eventually get bored of this, and leave, and your base will be gone, so technically will be wiped again.
  5. Maji

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    So what is the ETA after turning off Empires until NA PVE is up?
  6. Maji

    Developer Math

    One problem with your math: You didn't account for freeports, lawless, and Golden Age areas. Its more like 400+200 new islands.
  7. Maji

    People left the game ?

    It's not the fact that allowing people to build on an island and getting your space...its the fact that as it currently stands, greifing can be a HUGE issue at the start.
  8. Maji

    Running TO Free Port while in fight

    Says the guy spawn camping the freeport
  9. Maji

    Poor Atlas

    Was ark perfect the first 2-3 months of EA? Ask yourself that before you can compare it to Atlas atm.
  10. If you read above, I am NOT a PvPer. Strictly PvE the last 3 years. Simply trying to introduce or think of something new and exciting for this realm. I don't PvP but should a Small Man PVP server launch, I will be all over that one. With this update coming soon, it really is turning into an Ark 2.0. Gonna be almost the exact thing that plagued the PVE servers over there. Grapeshot keeps going backwards to what they know vs trying new stuff.
  11. No one is forcing ANYTHING on anyone. It can be as simple as a company setting to stop any or all action. Take your bile to main general forums where everyone else crying.
  12. K enjoy the same thing over and over for the next 2 years.
  13. I realize there is a whole PVP side of it, but to keep in spirit of Atlas and how it currently functions, there needs to be more interaction between players other than chat. I am an experienced Ark PVEr, well over 3600 hours in Ark PVE, and same thing will plague Atlas unless something NEW is introduced. Yes i know there is a declare war between companies, but that takes the surprise out of it. I'm just spewing out ideas, seems like no one throwing much anything out other than hate and bile from the recent stream. Not saying it needs this specifically, just personally hoping new stuff will keep coming out and keep the PVE side fun and new.
  14. With the new changes happening, there needs to be something pvp related for the pve side. A quick idea would be a bribery system from company to company. Request a bribe or pvp action for those 2 companies during a certain time frame. Defending company has option to pay or refuse and if paid, immune to challenges for X days. If refused, select a time frame option for when vulnerable like we do in war declarations. Larger companies cannot challenge companies with lower numbers than themselves. Attacking company may not bribe same company more than once per X days. This is just theory crafting. Just something I just thought up. Need to somehow make pve engaging with people since you are removing property lines and tax banks. Thoughts ?