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  1. This server is still super fun, playing on it for 4 months now and still love it.
  2. This server is fantastic. Everyone is super active. We are completing power stones and working towards subs for post mega patch. I highly recommend it.
  3. This server is super fun. It's a really friendly community. Events happen, people work together. PvP happens. I highly recommend.
  4. If they could move that time line up, it might help ignite some more positive discussion on these forums and the discord. It's getting pretty dark in and outside the game.
  5. Many People keep asking for a single claim. What happens if you're late to the game and can not find shore line to put your claim on. Are you supposed to be land locked on a single island forever?
  6. They needed to tell us a day before the wipe. Rip it off like a bandaid. We would cry and then the next day would start over.
  7. Because the patch isn't ready. The point is to wipe with the content.
  8. Just echoing my agreement. I run around with my flag out on islands, not with an interest in claiming because I'm a small company, but because I'm curious about peoples claim timers. So many of them have become claimable or are falling off in the next few hours to few days. Just make a note of a place you like and when it's supposed to be claimable and show back up. It's what I did for my claim.
  9. They should just make a ship claimable after 21 days if it is outside of your claim.
  10. I read the patch. I just don't think you fully understand how breeding works. They will not eat from a trough until they hit juvenile.
  11. You don't put the food in a trough, you put it directly into the babies inventory. That's why your pet isn't eating.
  12. I could throw pedantic quips back and forth all night if I had the time, but I need sleep. Good luck in what ever you hope you accomplish with your post.
  13. Oh ok, but, you're not making the game, they are. That's the story and game. I'm sure you can find an unoffical RP server that pretends it's sunken ark.
  14. You have lots of valid points, but this game was advertised as a fantasy pirate MMO. If you look at the top banner it has a flying ship and a kraken. The world even has lore explaining why it's all water with a few islands.
  15. I'm a player of PvE too. I have several bases in several servers too. I'm still a fan of no off server fast travel. Luckily for you it's currently in the game and they probably aren't changing it.
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