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  1. Just as the topic says. The rope bed is a bit old speaking as a 1st week player. Can we get a captains double bed for ships and land? The ability to make an actual Pier would be great. I've seen a lot of creativity on Lawless servers for people making do with what's available. Even some variation on storage containers would be great. I've seen desks and nightstands and even wardrobe closets and mods for single player. I do think it's about time that devs make their own to add even more playability to the game. I'm sure their ideas for new enemies in the future but that's another suggestion as well. I've had to start over three times and all the available items now or just becoming a bit generic. Adding more ship classes and whole skins might add even more variation. Even after 3 wipes I still I think this is a good game that could be even greater.
  2. So where do i start. First of my game constantly crashes in sp and in pve. Second no SoD at all i blackwood or ocean maps. Some crashes causes a blue screen. Cant be hardware related bc i can run ark with a big overclock on my cpu and gpu and no other games crash my pc. Atlas crashes everytime i quit a sp game or when i die. This game seems more like a cash grab now more than ever due to the fact content and maps are being added but game breaking bugs arent being patched that ruin the game for most. I played last night on sp and crashed 5 times 2 of those were while placing large gateways and walls. 2 others were crashes before the map even loaded. While other bugs have been fixed the ones that cause crashes have yet to be fixed. Im sure it will be fixed eventually but people are finding other games and not returing to this one. I mostly play single player now so when the game crashes i either lost 5 mins of progress or the game is paused and im not struggling to get back on to see it i lost a ship to a crash again or valuable bp weapons.
  3. Same problem to start all i had were sod schooners and nothing bigger now there is none. Please fix as i am no longer a pve or pvp player. Single player and dedicated is the future of this game as you must realize by now by so many fewer complaints besides bug reports lol
  4. I get large fps drops on good hardware. No matter if im in 4k or 1080 the drops are almost 20 fps. I have a 2080 ti and a 8700k that runs ark on 4k max settings. And my game still crashes when leaving a game or dying with a fatal error. Please optimize this game before adding more.
  5. The reviews went up bc a fresh batch got into this game not knowing what they were in for. But guaranteed those reviews will go down as time progresses. Npc raidable islands a move in the right direction. Island razing when we were assured we would be safe, wrong direction as in like stepping backwards. Now i commend for fixing bugs that were here prewipe. And as far and npc islands, just add the islands and put the npc settlements there and use the recent added islands that arent owned, i hope they get the same idea. With some more ship types and hull skins this game could be improved so much to give us more variety. Thank god im on an island whose owners havent used the raze system but if they do, guaranteed ill be here to raise some hell lol. Lost so much in the wipe and i have even more now. But it seems devs hate it when they are doing good lol.
  6. This option will be what pushes everyone away. Devs constantly backpedal and this will cause players to leave for good. While the npc settlements is a step in the right direction, the new raze system is a step back, making the game seem more like a cash grab. Pve is severely depleted as i see owners of islands quitting and still so many islands that are left unclaimed. At most the raze system should be for unconnected structures to destroy foundation and pillar spam. But this must be too hard for the devs to do. So lets just drive 80% of the players away so the 20% who have islands can have a clean island again. Really wtf devs. The bad reviews alone are killing your hope of new players and they will only grow as positive reviews are being changed.
  7. <RETRACTED> I see you have listened as i just read the upcoming patch notes.
  8. Just had an idea while playing Sid Meirs Pirates, can you please make a variety of ai ships other than SOD? I mean like factioned ships same as the player ships. Nonhostile ships that can be raided and only attack when they are attacked. It would make the oceans more full with traffic as well as playability. Also add Man O War and frigates maybe even Ship of the Lines which are huge. This game will be great once bugs are taken care of but the current ships to build and ai ships are really what the game lacks. This can also add alot more missions to the game.
  9. As the title says i was standing in front of the drake before the last update. Now i cant find it on the island. It may have spawned in a cliff or under the map if at all.
  10. There is no icon and in my log doesnt say ot was destroyed of anything. It was at anchor and os just gone.
  11. Ok ive downclocked gpu and cpu and cannot get into the game. It didnt crash on previois versions.
  12. Almost everytime i run od the side of my ship,while riding a elephant or giraffe, the tames feet are in the air and the body clips under the ground. This happened twice to me while at anchor.
  13. This time the error occurs on the menu of the game and I can't even even get into the game to play. This didn't start till after the last update
  14. Ok if my ship is in motion and i run up steps, I fall out the bottom of the ship. Now a new bug has risen, if a door is open on my ship, i get stuck on it and sometimes fall out the bottom of my ship. When im close to the steering wheel, i float as if i am being pulled feom my ship by a mermaid, but im not near any mermaids. The first bug i mentioned has been with me prewipe but the later bugs have just started postwipe. Tames and npcs no longer rise or fall from the ship as they used to so you're on the right track. Please fix asap as i encounter these bugs daily. Thanks for the hard work put in thus far.
  15. In e10 i was killed by an elephant and the game crashed. Had to restart the client before i could get back in.
  16. Just as the title says. I seen a fleet of SoD in e12 and floatsam as if its a regular grid. If its intentional it sucks to have to worry with them here as well as the rest of the map.
  17. Now yet again another error. An assertion error or some crap. This game isnt worth playing for the 3x weekend bc i dont want to take my ship out the port and lose another like i did last time it crashed and my ship ran a ground.
  18. Please fix this raggedy crap. I have gotten this error 30 times in 5 hours. It crashes every 15 mins of play. I couldnt screenshot the error. I have the latest drivers, so no thats not it.
  19. This works. You have to die before youre kicked. Afterwards choose another server, as long as you get a green screen its fixed. Ive had to do this after certain updates.
  20. Getting this crash again on my first log on with the 3x event.
  21. No matter the resolution and on lowest settings i get fps drops from 60 down to 45 fps on tropical islands. Started since to atlas mega update.
  22. So they seem to lose about 75% of their players pre wipe. And after the wat they may have gained 40% back with new players but just looking at the servers it looks like over half of them have already quit. This game was popular and now you can barely find a hundred people total on all servers. At this rate and the direction they are heading the only players that will be left playing this game maybe The devs themselves. They really had a good idea for the game but they let the players corrupt it. Because there's always going to be somebody complaining that something isn't fair because it's not easy for them and they don't understand the game or know how to play and won't give their self the chance to learn or those who can't spend as much time in the game as others can. I can only spend maybe a few hours a day because I have a life. This game seems to punish those who have a life
  23. Weaving and shooting, while realistic, isnt feasible when your a solo ship. A fleet of SoD will easily sink a lone ship when it has to turn left or right to fire its cannons which causes the ships to catch up. And forget if you sink a Brig or a Sloop and trying to get the float Sam from them because the rest are still going to come after you. The risk and reward is just not high enough. I mean if you lose for planks even if you have spare planks you have to leave the wheel and make repairs while the ships of the Damned are still firing on you. Yeah I could spend days sailing around increasing the defense or Damage Done by my ship but it is pointless. Do you stupid ass updates will continue and completely ruin this game. At most they should have set a limit to 4 large cannons fore and aft or made it where the brig rear platform couldn't be made so big to fit 8 large cannons on. Deck cannons and 4 1/2 cannons does not go against the lure of the game because actual pirate ships had cannons on decks and fore and aft. It is how the smaller ships captured bigger ships so they could be faster with just as much Firepower. This was really the final game breaking update for me. I'm kind of thankful for it so I can go back and play breath of the wild again or so much better and less frustrating games.
  24. I really dislike the changes. No cannons on the back of the ship as a solo player player is insane. Thanks for making it near impossible to kill ships of the Damned. This is my final straw and enough to make me stop playing the game. I am a PVE player as well. You seem to Nerf everything in your game that makes life easier. It is near impossible to do a Power Stone Quest solo and I thought solo players were promised that the game would be made better for them. So peace out and keep your garbage game and lose a lot more players than you have. I can guarantee you've lost more players than you gained just by the stupid changes. The server speak for themselves.
  25. Thanks for the advice i will have to try. I noticed when i open my map the gpu usage jumps from 57% to 92% and my cpu temps start to rise. May have been an overtemp causing the crash bc i had to open my case for it to run cooler. I will experiment more this weekend. The map badly needs optimizing.
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