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  1. omfg, i thought i was the only one. the other day i posted sturff took me while to realize this forum went full retard. who the heck does not have forums filtered as new for default. man i hope they fix this it really feels silly
  2. i hated arks loot system, people who adminned know some of the pain, and those who search for bps also know the pain. The ark system was horrendous, and our copy paste of it is even worst. There was almost no thought in the drops it feels, we need many limitations, ie shipyard bp should be 1 craft. things like scissors and saddles that are white, should let you use those bps without the skill, otherwise cut them out of the loot table already. The wild range of the bps is maddening, its green/fine it needs a set amount of points and that's it, ie fine sword bp +1-6% damage, and +1-6% durability bonus, done. and yes i said as low as 1, because we all have gotten items that were like mythical with 0 increase. there should always be an increase, even if its slight. I also have always been against mythical, i think they have a place, and that is on unofficial servers. But we need to reign in the loot system, and actually go through it, with reasonable numbers, and not the mess we have now. Some items only really have one stat, someone yes has to take the time, and simplify the loot system, and put each item in individually. The reality is sometimes the crafts are way to many, sometimes the stats are just not even worth anything. We need to get away from levels, and start going for rarity. the system was bad in ark and its dragging down Atlas like a sinking ship
  3. another option is to make gliders only last for 15 seconds or so. but the stam drain would still need to be in, and fairly costly
  4. capturing an island is sometimes pointless, and mostly just because of some bad game mechanics, but we can start fixing that with couple things, First we need the claim flag radios of interrupt cut in at least HALF. it is way to big to interrupt, we have people on top of mountains above them just contesting. the area in which contention happens needs to be drastically reduced. The next largest problem is the spam and clutter. people are just spamming foundations/pillars/walls/roofs everything all over the flag and the island. now the problem is that even once you take it over it just is to much work to bother with the spam. If you take over an island, you should be able to demo all of it, which still takes hours, i know i have done it before. So either the new company can demo it all for free instead of having to unreasonably destroy it, OR all structures not owned need to be on a extremely quick decay rate. so for example, company AAAAA takes over island owned by company 44444. All of 44444 structures decay in three days if the island is not recaptured. We need a way to fix the huge spam issue, we need their items gone, and it should not be that people have to spend the resources to destroy all of it, people are just spamming all their islands, because even if people take it over they can not even do anything with it because of the outrageous cost to destroy it all. either way, something has to drastically change, and soon.
  5. Gliders seem to be a slight issue in the game. due to the poor structure and massive peaks and unreasonably high peaks within the game, people then build ladders even higher up for jump platforms to reach insurmountable distances. Yes the peaks and high points in this game are silly and way to high. but i feel we need to take a point from the games cousin dark and light, and gliders need to use stamina. we need the glider to greatly start using stamina especially if they try to move. at this point we have people still able to glide to other zones and all the way across one zone due to the combination of bad ideas on island and map design. this would instantly fix some of the problems within the game, and should have been obvious.
  6. most of the time they just fly in the sky, and shoot their homing missile, massive damage, AOE fireballs.
  7. ya, im at north, seems all the fiber was turned into billberry for some reason. even though there is even billbnerry plants
  8. apparently it does not just work instantly. you have to leave the ice in their for a while, then the whole bag starts smoking almost and the timers finally go up. so gotta wait for the ice to melt in there. was not really clear in the descriptions, but now i know.
  9. can make ice, but it does nothing atm. is not increasing spoil timers at all.
  10. cheat TP L4 317871 -155689 1753 can just walk around the mountain and go on top, or just walk right under it.
  11. Can we get Auto closing door feature? I enjoyed the Fog of war on to see where i had discovered and where i have been, can we get that at least as a toggle option? Can we get Fire coral and Brain coral into the ship resource box? How do you kill a fire elemental? seems their target lock fireballs and them just flying through the sky and waters, with a huge agro range is overpowered and not fitting or balanced due to how hard they are to kill.
  12. cheat TP M4 -368593 -148290 20638 Seems these trees are bugged, cant hit them with hatchet and such.thees couple right there like that
  13. i like the diving platform and using the suit, but it is seriously short when you get to the bottom. the range needs to be increased greatly. the other problem is, lets face it, the wood is way heavy, especially when you are in some deep ocean, where you cannot even popcorn it all the way to the top. due to the buoyancy, i think it would be fair to say we could/should increase even more the weight added when in the suit. in its current state, wood weighs too much making it difficult, and the range is extremely too short and needs to be a much longer hose, about 200-300% increase
  14. https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Region_L14 Anyone have the first three discoveries for L14? Where the mermaid Cries, Wenches Bench, Safe on a rock. Seems i just can not find these three, been looking all over
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