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  1. Yesterday i parked my ship on a islamd that was not mine due a rl problem that i needed to take care, when i logged today some people on my company( who i have asked to look the ship for me) told me that the owners of the land were building shipyards beneath my ship, when i get on my boat( wich was Parker on a safe spot, far away from some rocks) it started sinking because of land damage, like i was driving into those rocks. My question is if this is a bug, and they managed to move my boat, or i should parked evento further away from the rocks? Ty all
  2. James Hook

    Is it just me or are we back to x1

    Its not just you. Hidden nerf or just a mistake, but its x1
  3. James Hook

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Anyone knows where is at on NA PVE?
  4. James Hook

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Anyone know where the NA PVE fountain is?
  5. James Hook

    How to claim an abandoned ship

    Using the Flag claim? Like i do it for the land?
  6. James Hook

    How to claim an abandoned ship

    I dont see how i can claim... tried to put a flag on it... no luck
  7. James Hook

    How to claim an abandoned ship

    This is sad, i tought if they stayed offline long enough it would be possible
  8. Hi everyone So someone left a ship on our island for the past week and we never saw those people again. There is any way to claim their ship ?
  9. James Hook

    claim system Idea to improve the claim system

    Im not saying u cant contest, im trying to offer other options, even in PvP if u pay taxes for a bigger clan, it could work as a vassal relationship, i think it would encourage the creation of cities and new gameplay.
  10. With so many people complaining that they cant progress without a piece of land, wich is fair since you need land to build ships, what if we could rent a piece of land, or rent houses, shipyards ? So that way the claiming system still have meaning( and i love the concept of taxation, but need some tweaks), and to prevent abuse of this system, who rent cant claim land from the company for a number of days, this could turn lands in actual cities, and that way people would have a place to live, and bigger companies would still fight for land. This idea came up after 2 days looking for land as a solo player and like everybody seeing all lands already claimed. I got lucky and found a small group that invited me and i could start having some fun. What you guys think?